300 page chargesheet , 41 days after the Chandigarh Stalking case Vikas Barala still behind bars

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Cervical cancer

This is what every sexually active female is vulnerable to…..

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9 year old hit and locked in school: Are schools not safe anymore?

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Home based business ideas for moms

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crime against women in India

I would never want to have a daughter

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Rohingya Muslims a national security threat : Indian Government

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when you don't sleep for 24 hours
You Should Know

What happen when you don’t sleep for a night?

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Rohingya Muslims
VIP Racism
internet usage in india
M.S Dhoni
sustainable development goals
3 Idiots


The irony that all of Narendra Modi govt’s success has come from UPA projects, says Sonia Gandhi." Do you agree"

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Child Marriage still persists in Indian Society? Possible reasons are?

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Do you think there is lack of a healthy opposition in the present day India?

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