Only 3 Women in Forbes India Rich List 2017: Find out who they are!

In a recent article, we talked about the 10 Ultra Richest people of India as per the Forbes Rich India List 2017. We saw how Mukesh Ambani has a wide gap from others when it comes to being ultra-rich.

While he leads the list with a net worth of USD 38 Billion the second in the list, Azim Premji has a net worth of USD 19 Billion (half close to Mukesh Ambani) The top 10 in the list we saw were all men but how many independent women featured in the Forbes India Rich List 2017?

A lot of men in that list to seek inspiration from but how many women have the inspiration to offer?

These are the women in the 100 richest people of the nation as per the Forbes India Rich List 2017.

Savitri Tiwari 

She is the 67 years old lady from the O.P Jindal group and she has made it to the 16th spot in the Forbes India Rich List 2017. Her net worth stands at USD 7.5 Billion.

Leena Tiwari 

Leena Tiwari with a net worth of USD 2.19 Billion is at the 71st spot in the Forbes India Rich List 2017. She’s the face of USV India which is a premier healthcare and pharmaceuticals enterprise. She is 60 years of age yet still young in zeal.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw 

Just after Leena Tiwari, Kiran Shaw is at the 72nd spot in the Forbes India Rich List 2017. Aged 64, Kiran Shaw is the chairman of BIOCON. BIOCON is a biotechnology company based in Bangalore.

Well, that’s all! Just three women have made it big in the Forbes India Rich List 2017 and the List is dominated by either men or business families but these 3 women have earned a distinction.

We congratulate their spirit and this achievement and we hope we see larger women share in the list the next year!