Is your 4G fast enough? Read to know

Reliance jiophone

To us, it matters a lot as to which is the fastest 4G network in India!

We love to get speed out of what we spend. Which is the fastest 4G network in India?

Who would tell us about which is the fastest 4G network in India?

Well TRAI would. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India conducts regular speed tests to tell you about the fastest networks and the recent report has reasons to smile for all those who plan to get a Reliance Jiophone.

There’s an amazing news for all those who are set to get their Reliance Jiophones! You now have one more reason to buy the jiophone, or wait you are not buying it but you get it for free! So you now have one more reason to be excited about the jiophone and that is jio’s topping of charts in 4G speeds across India.

As per the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) the much popular Jio from Reliance turned out to be the fastest 4G operator for the month of June.

Reliance proved that Jio isn’t just about offers and temptations but speed too for had the case been otherwise Jio wouldn’t have been the fastest 4G operator amongst a tough and competitive market of telecommunication providers.

Reliance Jiophone


Reliance hasn’t topped the charts for the first time! It has left behind the veterans several times now. In June’s speed test by the TRAI Jio registered an average download speed of 18 megabit per second which is pretty handsome!

All of us should get our Reliance jiophone pre booked this means. But then if Jio topped the charts who hit the bottom? If Jio is the fastest 4G network in India which is the slowest?

Contrary to the mammoth promises and highly lucrative offers that the Airtel girl talks about in those very frequent TV adds Airtel kissed the bottom of this speed test. Between Airtel, Jio, Vodafone and Idea Cellular Vodafone made it to the second and third spot respectively.

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This speed test from TRAI would surely help people choose their network operators for speed matters to us!

While speeds amongst Vodafone, Idea and Airtel vary with tad differences but see how giant a lead reliance jio takes to not just leave behind others but to claim and authority over the network market of India.

Other networks have a lot of catching up to do and they most focus on increasing their speeds rather than just advertisements!

So now you know which is the fastest 4G network in India and you can choose smartly!