Business ideas for college dropouts

“Jobs require degrees, entrepreneurship does not”

A job may or may not ask for a degree but to start your own business or to be an entrepreneur you surely don’t need a degree for all it takes is a little innovation and loads of hard work. Often students drop out from colleges because of certain reasons. Some are not able to cope up with the academics, some are just sent into a field and by their parents despite their negligible interests or sometimes the circumstances crop as such that ends up dropping out of college.

Does dropping out of college means the end of the road? Can college drop outs too have huge dreams? Well surely yes because like we said, a drop out cannot become an engineer or an MBA or a doctor but he or she can surely be an entrepreneur and you never know if they would be entrepreneur so big that they end up hiring those with degrees!

So , we bring you some business ideas for college drop outs.


Content Writing

If you’re a passionate writer why not seek some worth out of your talent? You can run a content writing firm sitting at home or even work as a freelancer if not set up a firm. Write your way to some success!


Photography has a lot of scope and if you’re good at clicking then there’s nothing else you should be doing than photography.Win the world through your lens.

Yoga mentor or fitness trainer 

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular day by day and that is why the demand for yoga instructors is very high and if you’re a master at the art of yoga why not grab the opportunity?

Event Management

Put your management skills to work! Event management has a vast scope for people are so short of time to manage their own events.

From meetings to conferences to even weddings and grander events you can choose your niches depending on what suits you the best.

Graphic Designing 

Again, an easy sit at home job that adds to your pocket money! If you are a pro at graphic designing then don’t waste your talent for graphic designing has great prospects in the ultra-digital age we are living in.

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