Follow the routines of successful people to be a successful entrepreneur: Here are the habits you badly need!

Fascinated by the likes of world’s greatest CEOs? Aspiring to be like them? Well Its not that easy let me tell you.Have you ever wondered how the top CEOs of the world manage to run huge corporations while maintaining a sane and healthy life, when they have the same 24 hours in a day as you do?

Yes, we often find ourselves rushing out of the bed in a perplexed state, grabbing a coffee or protein bar for breakfast on most of the days and somehow making it to our office desk or classroom on time, feeling sheepishly accomplished. Well, we have a lot to learn from these people who literally run the world we are living in, and they have strikingly similar routine habits that may inspire you to adopt a few of these

Waking up with the sun 

The one morning ritual that any successful person will vouch for, is getting up early. Most of the top CEOs in the world get up before 6 am. This gives them a definite competitive edge over the rest of the world and these are the ‘extra’ free hours that they can control as per their requirements. Apple CEO Tim Cook gets up at 3:45 am, Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi starts her day at 4 am, and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is in his office by 6 a.m. This isn’t just a good habit but a good way of life.

1Habits don’t make a success but the way you incorporate them into your way of life is what scripts success. Of course, they have a lot to offer to learn from and inculcate not only in our routines but demeanour.

Not Ignoring the workout 

Working out is one of the most common daily habits of the successful people, never letting a busy schedule eating up on their healthy body and mind. Barack Obama says that running three miles a day changed his life around from being an underachiever, and Virgin Founder Richard Branson believes he is able to extract 4 additional hours of productivity simply by getting his daily exercise.

Curating Creativity

Creativity is considered as one of the topmost leadership qualities of modern times apart from integrity, globalised thinking etc. They promote critical thinking and prevent organisational paralysis. Creativity is what made Apple the most valued company in the world. For success in any façade, it is important that you try new things each day.  They always push themselves out of their comfort zones and hence they end up drafting extraordinary tales.  You need to force yourself beyond the periphery of your comfort zones and secured atmospheres. Calculated risk taking decorated with innovations is what forms the edifice of monuments of success and sitting in our comfort zones we are perhaps very vulnerable to failures.

Cutting back on meetings

Contrary to popular beliefs, many of the top CEOs consider meetings a huge drain of energy and time. Instead they chose to communicate via a host of other multimedia modes to get work done. Also, choosing one location to conduct all the meetings for the day saves on a lot of time which is otherwise wasted moving around

Introspect and reflect

Most of the successful people invest time in mindful thinking by slowing down often to reflect. This helps them clear their minds off clutter and chaos and help infuse fresh ideas and perspectives to things. Oprah Winfrey meditates daily to take the workload off her and inspires many to follow her league. Patience has to be kept intact and the senses ought to have a better coordination hence to keep the mind fresh and upright is the key.

One hasty decision and it can cause the company a plethora hence going through things comprehensively and understanding the nuances of everything, the cause and effect relationship and the impacts is important and for that the focus has to be right. Being complacent and over confident is what one has to fight hard.

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