How to be financially stable in college? Hear the freelancers tell you about it!

When we are at college we often find ourselves put totally out of place from the idea of financial stability.

No matter how grand our pocket money maybe but we would always find it less and why not! If there is ever a phase in life where you can live life to the fullest it is your college life for after that you would have to anyway struggle for finding a job.

So, the question we are addressing today is, “How to be financially stable in college?”

Well, we are not telling you to be a miser and give up on living life to the fullest. We would rather talk about ideas which can ensure financial stability in a way that you don’t have to sacrifice much on your enjoyment of life. So we would tell you about some easy ways to earn good money through freelancing along with your college.

We will tell you, how to be financially stable in college without sacrificing on anything.

Why sacrifice?

Here are some of the most convenient freelancing ideas which can make you earn a little more pocket money with just sparing our an hour or two in a day!

These freelancing ideas would not just make you feel good about your talent or skill set but also helps you be financially stable at college!

Listen to these ideas from those who adopted them to maintain financial stability in life.

I am freelance writer, I work for an hour in a day with college and earn good: Divesh Gill

I always found it tough to maintain financial stability in my college life for most of the times my pocket money would finish in the first half of the month only.

I have always been an ardent writer who writes well across aisles and my cousin suggested me to do freelance writing.

I am deeply drenched in the love of writing and I thought that I there is some little worth I could actually extract out of it, why not?

Certain websites and blogs are always looking for writers and you can easily find them over the internet and even I found a few clients.

Now I work with the college for an hour or so and this way I end up doubling my pocket money and hence attain a sense of financial stability. I realized how cool freelancing is for students who wish to make some extra money especially when that comes from your very own skill set.

I am a graphic designer and I make it count: Harshdeep Singh

I have always been fascinated by graphic designing and I usually design a lot of posters for my college’s events and different societies and seeing how good at it I was my seniors suggested me to set up a graphic designing blog and start doing freelancing.

Initially, I did not find any work but when I did there was no stopping.

I am a foodie and I like to try new places and cafes with my friends and at the end of every month I always had this question to ask myself, “how to be financially stable in college” and I did not find a better answer than freelancing.

It just takes me an hour hardly to meet my daily freelancing projects and I am paid decently for my designs and posters. I would suggest that every student who is a good graphic designer must give freelancing graphic designing a try!

If I have a talent that is valued a lot and is in great demand in the digital era then why would I not want to fancy my chances?

I am an ardent debater and I go to a lot of debating competitions with handsome cash awards: Stuti Pandey

I have been a good debater since school. Started with parliamentary debates at school and when I came to college I realized that there are so many debating events happening which offer good cash awards for winners.

Not exactly a freelancer but attending these debating events and winning is as good as freelancing or even better than that.

It takes some hard work to research but those cash awards give me a financial stability for the rest of the month and hence I make sure I attend as many as I can with my college and win them.

This is how I fine tune my financial stability alongside my studies. Not that I go to Model United Nations Conferences because of the cash awards but I love to debate and I love to win and if there is a cash award tagged along with that victory then I am more than happy to take it.

I am a photographer and make little money out of it: Chinmay Makkar

I am an enthusiastic photographer and I like to capture time through my lens. I do small photography projects with college, the ones which not take too much of my time.

I am a freelance photographer and I shoot portfolios videos for people for which they happily pay. This little money made from photography gives my pocket a big sense of financial stability.

I put my passion to work and I am more than happy to learn from my passion alongside my college life. You can’t always ask your parents for a pocket money hike and why do it when you can yourself add to your pocket?

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We hope that these ideas coming from freelancers and those who love to participate in college competitions and elsewhere have to help you contemplate as to how to be financially stable in college life.