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Is definition of success for young Indian couples changing?

Couple thinking what success could be in their life.

How do you picture a successful life? Is it owning a house in the suburbs? Owning a big car? How do you picture your life after 10 years from now? The answers to these questions may determine the life goals for some people. After all, the society measures the success in this way only, isn’t it?

Recent studies about what young couples around the world, married or otherwise, think about the above questions, portrays a newly emerging trend. No longer are people associating success with owning things like a house or a car. There is a fundamental change that is taking place which is fuelling this concept. According to the study, Today’s generation’s values differs from their parents’ generation in many ways. Today, people are always in search for newer adventures, they travel more, they interact more and they are investing their money in things which give them experiences rather than buying new commodities or property. They said it gave them more happiness.

But is it the same with Indian youths and couples?

The dawn of social media has triggered a way of life that was previously unthought-of. A connected world where you have unlimited opportunities and unimaginable experiences at your disposal. Every other Instagram and Facebook post is about someone travelling to an exotic location, or having a sumptuous meal. The arrival of services like Uber/OLA, Airbnb and several other applications which have made renting flats/houses easier, are making a huge contribution in this paradigm shift. Fast paced lives are making people to move readily between spaces making them to believe that buying a house and car is like having extra overheads. Having new experiences have started outweighing the usual definition of success of getting married by 27, having your own house by 30, and getting a car along the way somewhere. The Millennials, as the new young people are known, have redefined success.

A survey for the same has showcased a different side of young people in India. Six measures stood out as extremely important in terms of how young adults measure their career success: work-life balance (44%); job satisfaction (43%); salary/salary growth rate (35%); achievement of personal goals (27%); work achievements (25%); and development of new skills (24%).

We, as Indian youths, are responsible and rebellious at the same time. It’s hard to generalise what we really look for. So, what do you think, how would you measure your life? Would you prefer buying a car, when you can hire one with a chauffeur with just a click? Would you prefer to buy your own house, or rather rent one wherever you go?

What would you consider as a measure of success? Experiences you gather or Property you buy?



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