Make your passion your profession and save yourself the pain of regrets

                               “Your greatest talent is much more powerful than your greatest fear”

Do you believe in the abstract of happiness? Well if you are one of those who are never scared to follow their hearts and if you live high on passion then why don’t you make a profession out of your passion? Why do a boring 9 to 5 job when your passion can get you similar earnings or maybe even more! Imagine how ordinary a life would Arijit Singh be living if he was a banker or would Dhoni ever been able to travel the world if he continued to be a ticket collector?

All you need is some courage to face the odds and an inspiration to begin a career in the ambit of our talent and passion. While courage is something you would need to bring in yourself on your own inspirations in the world are inexhaustible.


                                                              “It’s the will and not the skill”

 Your skills or your talents are redundant unless you don’t have the will to weave magic with them. What are you afraid of? “Log Kya Kahengey?”  Well that is the stupidest thing you can ever think of because your success isn’t subject to what people think of you but how happy you are with it! Happiness isn’t all about money and hence it is completely ok if someone does not want to be a doctor or an engineer or a CA. It is not at all criminal to aspire to be a singer, a dancer, an author, a comedian or any other thing that breathes passion!

So here are some professions which are high on passion and can lead to handsome earnings but most importantly happiness for you. Choose as per your passion!

Graphic Designing

In the digital age the prospect of graphic designing are very high and you can make an affluent profession out of your designing skills. The best part is, you can even do it sitting at home rather than wearing those formals and going to office daily.

Dance academy or music academy

This is again putting your talent at work. If you are really good at dance or music then there is nothing like setting up a dance or music academy for those who wish to learn. This is one of the best business ideas for those who are talented in this field.

Freelance Writing

If there is an ardent writer in you who is diverse and likes to explore his or her writing styles then you can surely become a freelance content writer. This digital era is the era of the freelancers and content writing too has great scopes like graphic designing. You can even have your own blog.

Youtube Channel

Well if Dhinchak Pooja and Om Prakash Mishra can get famous without any talent (no offence!) then maybe you are a more talented singer or a poet or a comedian. Why wait for an opportunity? Get a Youtube channel in your name and get going! Everyone is doing that, why not you?

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Nothing can capture time but your lens. Are you a passionate photographer? Maybe you don’t even know what great heights you can climb with this talent of yours. If you think you are an amazing photographer then there is nothing more promising for you! What are you waiting for? Duh!