All you need to know about the Free Reliance Jiophone

Reliance Jiophone

It seems like Reliance India is on a mission to hijack every possible faction of the Indian economy! If this wasn’t true then why would reliance go about gifting bounties to the citizens of India?

First, the Jio sim cards that made the data maniac nation go crazy with gifts of free data and now a smart phone, the Reliance Jiophone free of cost!

Of course, Reliance India can distribute free phones to the nation and it wouldn’t bother them given what their turnover is but then this still seems like a funny tale of luring people.

The 4G Volte phone from Reliance is much here after the much hyped wait and the nation seems to be going crazy about it.

We Indians love things that come for free and how can we not go about hopping about a 4G phone that comes for free? Reliance is enchasing smartly on this love of ours!

This phone is anything to go by the definition of a normal feature phone. This Jiophone from reliance is indeed a feature phone with a difference for it comes with 4G, TV cable link and applications that you would have never imagined being found in a tiny looking feature phone!

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Mukesh Ambani dubbed this phone as “India Ka Smartphone” for its amazing features especially when it comes free of cost. You just pay a refundable security deposit of INR 1500 and you become a 4G user, Isn’t this tempting?

The phone comes with 205 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the full specifications and features of the phone are yet to be revealed by Reliance India.

It has the ability to run various apps like Jio TV, Jio Music and many others. With a phone free of cost Reliance also plans to decrease the tariff rates to reasonably affordable prices starting at INR 153 per month.

 Where to book the Reliance Jiophone?

You can make the bookings for this phone on and give yourself this gift which has zero effective cost! The pre bookings will start from 24th August and the orders will be processed on first come first serve basis!

These lucrative and hard to resist offers from Reliance might just end up choking other 2G network and feature phone companies for each of these gifts from Reliance is snatching their hold on the telecom economy.

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