Does Reliance Jio-phone offer you net neutrality?

jio phone

As Reliance has continued to win hearts of the data maniacs by first offering jio connections that offered bounties of data and now the Reliance Jiophone that is a 4G that comes for free the other telecommunication ventures have been left high and dry.

Reliance is planning to hijack the telecommunication sector with such free gifts we suppose.

Aren’t you excited about a free 4G already?

A 4G phone for free!

Don’t we Indians just love the idea of a 4G feature phone that takes nothing out of our pockets? But then Idea Cellular has a problem with this phone!

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Hence they would as per their claims go ahead with launching a smart phone priced at INR 2500! So even before the commencement of pre bookings of the Reliance Jiophone, Reliance already has a competitor in the cheap segment of smart phones.

Idea is all set to compete with Reliance Jiophone with a smart phone costing INR 2500. Now, why would you choose a 2500 rupees phone over the one that comes for free? Well, you must read this before you write off Idea Cellular here!

How is Idea Cellular’s phone different from Jiophone?

The Jiophone from Reliance is a feature phone which would come with applications exclusive to them. These applications are Reliance sponsored and the Reliance Jiophone comes with features only supporting a certain set of applications.

Idea Cellular of the Aditya Birla Group claims that this is against the interest of net neutrality as the customers must have the right to choice in terms of what applications they want their phone to be facilitated with.

Idea Cellular has announced that it would soon launch a smart phone costing INR 2500 and customers would have the right to choose their own applications rather than seeing the net neutrality.

Idea has criticized the jio phone frantically over the issue of intervening into net neutrality which is the right of every internet user and net neutrality must exist in its healthiest form. Idea Cellular makes a lot of sense here on the issue of net neutrality.

Idea promises a liberty which the Reliance Jiophone doesn’t and this liberty is your right to choose your own set of applications.

So would you now get a jio phone for free with a deposit of INR 1500 and see your net neutrality going for a toss or you rather wouldn’t mind spending INR 2500 to safeguard your net neutrality?

It would surely not be a bad idea to compare these two options before you make a choice.