Why Women Should Choose Ambitions Over Love

Sushmita Sen, Neena Gupta and Farida Jalal. These are the names that come to my mind when I think of women who made some difficult, yet a different choice on how they wanted to live their life. These ladies maybe rebels in the eyes of the society but from where I stand I see independent happy women.

It’s not like these ladies never wanted love or companionship, they just choose ambition over it. Sounds negative or selfish ? Well it’s not. Especially, when it comes to self-respect. We always hear ‘ respect lasts longer than attention’ moreover it is earned. This happens only when you’re a little selfish and pursue your dreams. The rest will follow.

Love and ambition both are like seeds. In case of ambition you are solely responsible for nurturing and ensuring that it goes into a healthy plant. In case of love, there are two people. You can’t be sure that your partner will put in the same effort as you do. He might just walk away if the plant dies or doesn’t bear a fruit. If you nurture your dreams you may find a new goal, a new life or a new path. You will never lose anything. An added plus your responsible for your own feelings. You won’t get hurt.

Love and ambition both require sacrifice and lots of hardwork. When you sacrifice in the name of love, you do it for someone else. Someone whose feelings for you may be governed by lust or fate! They may not be reciprocated. It’s totally on your partner. When putting in the same effort for your goal, you get closer to your goal and you also develop a personality.

Love makes you dependent. You seek approval, you need someone to look after you. Ambition being a lonely road, seems really hard. That’s when you learn to be fearless, you get a boost in confidence and that is very addictive.

Love is a gamble! It’s either all or nothing but you never loose when your ambitious. You grow to love yourself. A wave of pride and accomplishment comes over once you get there. For once choose your dreams, have faith and set yourself free.

Story By: Avleen kaur