You are only as successful as you choose to be!


On reading Derren Brown’s book called Happy, I came across this line ‘most of what happens in life is entirely out of your control’. Being successful is one such thing. There are a number of things which determine this important part of your life.

Let’s start at the very first stage, Your family. How supportive they are, whether you can afford to dream big. Now the affordability to dream is directly proportional to the amount of money one inherits. You see in a dog eats dog world your family wants a secure future for you. When you come from a lower or middle class background with just enough money to provide you with basic education. Here if you have a big investment plan or an offbeat business proposal, with no family financial and emotional support you tend to get into a spiral of failure and success. No one knows how this ends. It would all depend on whether you give up or fight.

Just my luck!!!! Aren’t we jealous of those people who just happen to bump into the best of things? Well there are a lot of people who have gods hand over there head or at least that’s what it looks like.  Success also depends on what opportunities are coming your way. If your lucky you get the right ones at the right time. If not then it’s a long struggle.

Let’s not all put it in the hands of fate. What about hard work and will power? There are many people who have turned their life around. They put in their sweat and blood to get what they wanted. Nawazuddin being one such example, this man did not give up! So a with a strong will power one does have a good chance of being successful.

Love, this four letter word has the strength to either make or break you. In a lot of cases love acts as  a driving force and if this love affair goes bad, yep not so much of driving force is it then? Also when you get married, the kind of partner you get has a great influence on your career graph. Is that person supportive or a pain in the ass. Because let’s face it one boss at the office is enough. You want to come home to a positive and loving environment and not a war zone. Increased Stress levels because of your spouse can drastically effect your chances of being successful or getting a promotion. As you have no place to let off some steam.

Coming back to Derren Brown’s book, it also mentioned the concept of a diagonal. ‘Events and our chief aims can be in most cases compared to two forces that pull in different directions, their resultant diagonal being the course of our life.’So basically you being successful in some ways out of your control. All you can do is ride the waves. SUCCESS IS A MATTER OF CHOICE AND YOU CHOOSE YOUR STEPS WELL YOU WILL REACH THE APEX ONE DAY!

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