Finger infection symptoms and types

Your hands are your medium of interaction with the world. Henceforth your hands and fingers are highly likely to come in contact with germs and other infectious bacteria causing several infections. Among these infections the finger infection is a very infectious problem and you must not ignore the finger infection symptoms. A finger infection usually starts out tad and later grows with time.

Prevention is necessary and so the know how of finger infection symptoms. Before that we must know about the types of finger infections. The following are the most common types of finger infections. 

  1. Felon 

This infection occurs at the tip of the finger and takes over the pad of the fingertip.

2. Paronychia 

This is an infection caused in the hangnail of the finger. Paronychia is the most common infection that occurs in the hand.

3. Cellulitis 

This is an infection inflicted on the surface of the skin and usually doesn’t go deeper.

4. Deep Space Infection 

These involve one or more structures in the hand and fingers usually occurring below the skin and can even affect the blood vessels, tendons or the muscles.

Having learned about these types of finger infections you must also learn about the finger infection symptoms. Here’s what the finger infection symptoms look like.

Felon: The finger infection symptoms in felon include swelling and pain in the finger tip. A pool of pus might also feature there.

Cellulitis: The finger infection symptoms in cellulitis include a swollen red area that is warm and sensitive to touch.

Paronychia: Redness and swelling next to the finger nail hints at paronychia. There might also be development of pus under the nail or the skin. The drainage of this pus is usually yellowish in colour.

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Deep space infection: The finger infection symptoms which may indicate the presence of deep space infection include pain that would occur every time you try to move your hand.