Tenfold Increase in Child Obesity in 40 years: The Newer Generation is Highly Vulnerable.

Obesity is a major health problem the world is facing. Obesity is quite prevalent all around us and in fact highly common among the newer generations. The population of obese children and adolescents which fall in the age gap of 5 to 19 has risen tenfold over 40 years.

This study has been deliberately conducted by the World Health Organisation in collaboration with the Imperial College, London. The study indicates that by 2022 the number of obese children and adolescents will outnumber those who are underweight.


What do these trends indicate at?

Well the inferences as drawn from this study by the World Health Organisation and the Imperial College hints at a worrisome scenario. This exponential rise in the number of obese people in the age group as mentioned before means that an entire generation of people is growing up with high vulnerability to diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance and also high risk of breathing problems like asthma and even cardiovascular damages!

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide in fact in 2012 it was the largest reason of deaths all around the world.


What does Obesity mean?

Obesity is measured from the virtue of the Body Mass Index. If the BMI of an adult is greater than or equal to 30 than an adult is called an obese while anyone with a BMI equal to or greater than 25 is overweight. Hence obesity and overweight are different.

As per the World Health Organisation in 2016 around 13% of the world’s population was obese.

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What causes obesity?

Obesity is caused by enhanced consumption of energy dense foods which are high in fat. Other reasons of obesity include changes in dietary and physical activities. The newer generation is paying the price of having every convenience and facility served to them hence, their physical activities are close to nil for them.


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