Booze Boosts Memory, Helps Learn Better: New Study

Booze Boosts Memory

This is dedicated to all the booze lovers in the house! So, the next time your wife gives you that scary look seeing you holding a peg just tell her that it is to remember her birthday better! (OK, bad joke! Never Mind.)

So, as per a new research no more almonds to memorise things! The new research says that having alcohol after learning something helps memorising it better. Isn’t this just the reason we needed to not feel guilty about a few extra pegs?


This inference isn’t ours BTW! This is based on the findings of researchers from University of Exeter, United Kingdom. What they did is pretty interesting. So, the researchers gave 88 social drinkers a WORD LEARNING TASK. They were given a choice to either drink as much as they want or to not drink at all. Woah! This is interesting!

What happened the next day?

The next day they were given the same tasks with the same word and guess what? Those who got drunk last day remembered things better than who did not. Yaay! Cheers to that! One more thing that was realised by the researchers was that those who drank more were the ones who remembered things better. The researchers also said that their idea was to establish positive along the line effects of alcohol (within limits) given the negative effects of alcohol.


The reasons are still being worked upon but one easy explanation to this effect is the fact that alcohol blocks the new learning that we are exposed to. This means that the brain has more resources then to convert the existing learning into long term memory and this is the simplest explanation of all which explains this learning effect of alcohol.

Well sensible or not but the theory is indeed fascinating and unlike other things you can actually try this at home!


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