Your Breakfast Choice Must be Wise!

As per a new study upon protein diets reveals the fact that one must have protein enriched diets equally divided over the three meals. Usually what happens is that people have protein diets for lunch and dinner and often ignore the need to consume proteins as a part of the breakfast.

Research now unleashes the fact that those who have protein diets in a more balanced way during the course of the day than just having it in the evening meals are more likely to stay stronger for longer.

This strength we are talking about is the muscle strength.

The muscle strength of those who have a balanced protein diet is much more than those who have protein in an unbalanced manner. Is your protein diet balanced enough?

So, the bottom line of the entire research is that just like your evening meals your breakfast too needs to be rich in proteins to give you the best strength possible! This is especially imperative for people of old ages for to them the muscle strength is much more vital.


This study hails from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The team examined the amount of protein consumed and also its distribution among people of age 65 and above.

Around 1800 people in this age group were closely followed for three years and hence you cannot underestimate the findings of this research.

We all know how protein diet is important for the body strength and this study lays down a pattern for its consumption which we mustn’t ignore especially the elderly. All these people examined were Canadian citizens.

So now we have learned something which paves way for a healthier life. We must not ignore the protein quotients in our breakfasts too like we don’t in our evening meals.

We hope us bringing this study to you would help you have a better control over your health. We wish you a healthy health!

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