Can you eat raw potatoes? No, and here’s why!

Can you eat raw potatoes? How good or bad eating raw potatoes can be? A lot of people have this question to ask. Some people even like to eat raw potatoes just like people eat an apple. In fact some people like it better raw than cooked. But let us try to understand this from a health perspective, can you eat raw potatoes?


Now sometimes potatoes may develop green patches. This green is the chlorophyll developed during the process of photosynthesis. YOU MUST AVOID EATING RAW POTATOES WITH GREEN PATCHES! Chlorophyll isn’t toxic per se but there are other toxics which develop as photosynthesis begins. These include alkaloids such as solanine and others. GREEN POTATOES SHOULD NEVER BE EATEN, neither cooked nor raw! These toxins present in a potato in which photosynthesis has happened will not be deactivated after cooking.

The Utah State University confirms this particular argument against munching of raw potatoes as the toxins talked about above can have serious health repercussions. Can you eat raw potatoes despite knowing their toxic nature? These toxins can be LETHAL!


We all know that potatoes contain high amounts of starch. While in cooked potatoes starch is digested easily in raw potatoes the starch is poorly digested. This starch is known as “Resistant Starch” and it passes onto the intestine and gets fermented there. THIS POOR DIGESTION CAN CAUSE GAS, BLOATING AND FLATULENCE. Can you eat raw potatoes still?


Every time you munch a raw potato you make yourself vulnerable to being affected by foodborne diseases. This illness is caused by microorganisms called pathogens which are present highly in raw potatoes. Potatoes are grown inside the soil and hence the quantum of pathogens is very high and hence a potato must only be eaten after traces of soil are removed and the potato is nicely washed. Can you eat raw potatoes given all this research that tells you not to?

So, the bottom line is that it is too harmful for your health to eat raw potatoes irrespective of how much you like to munch upon raw potatoes.





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