Consequences and Complications of Unsafe Abortions

consequences of unsafe abortion in INDIA

When health is talked about and issues pertaining to health are talked about how many times you hear complications and consequences of unsafe abortions being discussed?

There are talks on heart disorders, discussion on cancer and HIV but why neglect unsafe abortions?

The complications of unsafe abortions and consequences of unsafe abortions are as typical and unknown as may be those of tuberculosis or cancer then why aren’t they talked about much?

Why the Indian society often ignores the need to create awareness about unsafe abortions?

The following facts are eye openers and will tell us why we need to talk extensively about Unsafe Abortions

• As per the WHO there are more than 50 million abortions conducted the world over
• In developing nations like India, more than 7 million women are admitted to hospitals as consequences of unsafe abortions
• Maternal deaths each year due to unsafe abortions account for around 13% of total maternal deaths
• Unsafe abortions and the consequences of unsafe abortions are more prevalent in developing nations like India

So as per these figures from the World Health Organization, it is clearly visible that developing nations like ours need to start talking unsafe abortions and the complications of unsafe abortions at length for we are largely affected by them.

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The abortion related deaths and the consequences can easily be maligned by sex education, awareness about legal abortion procedures, timely care of complications and contraception.

Understanding the consequences and complications better

The consequences of unsafe abortions and the complications can even lead to death as corroborated by the World Health Organization.

Hence it doesn’t need a lot of intellect to realize that unsafe abortion is dangerous and should be discouraged!

The complications of unsafe abortions can be broadly classified as
• Severe damage to internal organs
• A large range of infections
• Uterine perforation when the uterus is pierced by sharp objects
• Incomplete abortions, when all pregnancy tissues aren’t pulled out
• Heavy internal bleeding
• Excruciating abdominal pain
• Collapse of the circulatory system
• Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Even the thought of these complications is sinister and dreadful. Hence now you surely understand by unsafe abortions need to be avoided and you must only go to the best and the experienced doctors when it comes to abortion.

In developed nations 30 women per 100 000 women lose their lives to unsafe abortions but when it comes to developing nations like India the number rises to 220 deaths due to unsafe abortions per 100 000 women.

Diagnosis of the complications of unsafe abortions is difficult but certainly not impossible if you have an access to good medical facilities and health care.

You must not ignore the symptoms and recommended treatments for complications of unsafe abortions. In the case of Infections, antibiotics are the best-suited cure along with the removal of pregnancy tissues left, if any. For internal

For internal bleeding, the blood loss is critical and must be taken care of without delay.

We hope these consequences would inflict individual changes as well as societal changes in their perceptions of the need to talk about the consequences of unsafe abortions and the complications of unsafe abortions.

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