Coolest Ways to lose belly fat: Why sweat or diet?

How bored are you of finding ways to lose belly fat and then discovering that they are too typical of being done on regular basis? The gist of the matter is that we want to lose those extra pounds rather we so badly want to lose them but ways to lose belly fat that have often been told to us isn’t something that we can call our cup of tea. We want to shed those extra KGs without any efforts or hefty workouts! If you thought nothing of such sort exists then you’re mistaken!

We bring you the coolest and the most fun drenched ways to say good bye to those extra pounds around your belly. We are sure that these would be highly beneficial to you as they save you the pain of harsh workouts to lose belly fat. These are ways to lose belly fat you just can’t afford to miss out on!

  1. Chewing Gums for Weight Loss

The oral exercise chewing a gum gives to your mouth can help you burn some hefty calories even though chewing a gum isn’t about the best of habits one may have! So, just take out a chewing gum from your pocket and get chewing!

  1. Dance your way to a slimmer version of you

Dance in any form is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to lose belly fat. Dance is a rejuvenating exercise and is a great way to lose calories. TIME TO HIT THE DANCE FLOOR!

  1. Sleep to shed some extra kilos! (FAVORITE)

Pertinent amount of sleep and rest helps you significantly to lose weight. Trust us, it does! Sleeping controls weight gain and over time also facilitates weight loss. Sleeping for 8 hours you end up burning over 400 calories.

  1. Just abandon everything and laugh aloud!

Laughing aloud and giggling can actually help you lose weight but typing LOL on your phone wouldn’t qualify here! A study conducted by Vanderbilt University confirms the same!


  1. Sex, Sex and Sex (Excited?)

What if we tell you that sex has much more to offer than just pleasure? What if we tell you that with sex you can burn calories too? Yes according to a report by the WebMD 30 minutes of action in bed can help you burn 150-200 calories! (JUST THE FACT YOU WOULD WANT TO TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND RIGHT NOW!)