This is how I defeated Depression alone in 10 years


Over the last 10 years, I have been living two different lives.

The life that my family, my friends, my colleagues, my teammates see but then there is the life that I see, that I live and that I feel. You ask my family and friends what they think about me, they’ll probably tell you I’ m a happy-go-lucky, positive, confident and hard working guy.But all of that’s a bit of a lie.

Depression is killing me from inside:

I’ m living a completely different life inside. I’ m living a life of someone who suffers immensely with DEPRESSION and this is so hard for me to talk about, but it’s not just me, it’s impossible for the millions of other people to talk about it and that’s the problem.

That is actually the biggest problem with depression. But what we fear the most is not the dark place we are in or the dark times we are going to go to or what we are capable of doing.

What we actually fear the most is that our friends won’t understand, that we’d lose them, that our family won’t know what we are going through, they won’t get it. That our colleagues would look at us differently or that we may even lose our jobs. But that’s just stigma we believe that exists inside ourselves and honestly, it isn’t the case, it’s not how society will see us.


Last year alone almost same number of people died of depression than there were car accidents. Yet we are so consumed with road safety campaigns that our governments push on to us. And that’s great but we all need to start talking about depression seriously.

We have ignored it for so long that people now don’t even realise that they are actually suffering from depression. I push myself into a dark place, a dark corner, and that corner only seems to have one way out (suicide).

I thought about that way every single day for 10 years and you shouldn’t think like that but I was alone in my own mind even though I knew I can’t be alone. I have so many great friends, family, colleagues, that I just needed to open up to and I didn’t. I can’t try and help others if can’t even help myself and over the last 10 years

I have so many great friends, family, colleagues, that I just needed to open up to and I didn’t. I can’t try and help others if can’t even help myself and over the last 10 years this feeling of depression, this feeling of darkness and sadness became so normal, you become so used to it, you become so numb to this feeling and you think it’s acceptable to live your life like this and it’s not.

What I want to achieve from sharing this is just to encourage one other person, five other people to open up and talk about it.

You see, the stigma that we have inside our heads that we will be judged, that we will be looked at differently behind our backs, we’ll lose our jobs, we’ll lose our friends but we won’t, that won’t happen. People are so much more accepting to us than you think.

Depression is not like breaking an arm, going to the hospital and getting it fixed or like Chicken Pox which you will get once and would never get again, it’s a lot deeper than that. Depression is so well documented but yet it is just not discussed. We feel that if we push it into a corner, it will go away. But that isn’t going to happen.

How can you fight back Depression?

The first step towards solving this problem is admitting there is one. So how come you expect to find the answer when you are still afraid of the question.

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In a way, I came out of this depression, this dark place, being a better person I could have even been. Because I can now see the light which I was at first didn’t know existed. Please speak up and talk to your friends and family.”

An above account is a 29-year-old man who had struggled with depression for the last 10 years. He has now overcome the horrific demon of depression. But there are much more like him who suffers from depression every day, not being able to open up, some not even knowing they are actually suffering from depression. Please, don’t be afraid, you are not alone. Speak up, and defeat this demon.

Please, don’t be afraid, you are not alone. Speak up, and defeat this demon.

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I suffered from depression for 5 yrs. I suffered in both my personal and professional life. Infact 2+ yrs after coming out of it i am still trying to get my life on track. Although now i feel much more stronger at facing challenges in life.


The above account was the tip of the iceberg bcoz even tho he can’t talk about go friends,he had a job which took half of his waking hours.The real problem faced is by the youth who don’t get their desired jobs ….go into depression… addiction…not capable of doing a regular job….more depression.Its a vicious cycle affecting the well to do, sensitive and ambitious youngsters…..and that is it’s curse!!!