Non communicable diseases account for 61% deaths in India: WHO

The World Health Organisation on Monday released a date about India which India surely must be concerned about! The report of the World Health Organisation talks about deaths due to non communicable diseases in India. The data reveals that non communicable diseases in India account for 61% of deaths in India which is a humongous share!

The World Health Organisation has issued severe warnings to nations including India against the premature deaths which find their cause in non communicable diseases and non communicable diseases in India as already stated form a very large faction of deaths in India. This is what the actual picture looks likes as deduced from the data revealed by the World Health Organisation! The warning of this UN agency isn’t something the world would not want to ignore and we must not!

  1. 61% of deaths in India are because of non communicable diseases 
  2. 23% population of India is vulnerable to premature death from these non communicable diseases 
  3. Cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are the largest killers accounting for 55% of the 61% deaths caused by the non communicable diseases.
  4. Premature mortality rate in India for the age group between 30 and 69 years is alarmingly high! 
  5. Cardiovascular diseases are the most lethal killers when it comes to non communicable diseases in India. They alone share 45% of the deaths! 
  6. Second in the list are the chronic respiratory diseases which have a share of 22% among the deaths due to non communicable diseases.

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Clearly India needs to improve significantly on the facade of health and this narrative needs to come politically as well from a sense of societal responsibility and awareness for these numbers highlighted by the World Health Organisation are too large to be complacent about. Factors like lifestyle ,pollution, tobacco and alcohol consumption have made people so exposed to these diseases and they need to be made aware about where they are heading to, surely towards their graves!