Coffee for healthy heart: New study reveals health benefits of coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Well, in that case, we have something that would make you feel really good about your love for coffee. A study by the British Medical Journey has revealed some great health benefits of coffee. As per the study, moderate coffee drinking may have certain health benefits.

The University of Southampton researchers collected data on the impact of coffee. These impacts were studied keeping in view all the important aspects of the human body and health. These health benefits of coffee have been confirmed by over 200 studies. Most of these studies were observational as reported by the BBC. 



It was observed that those who do not drink coffee are at a higher risk of getting heart attacks than those who drink about 3 to 4 cups of coffee each day. The best health benefits of coffee were observed in the fact of the matter that drinking coffee reduces the vulnerability to liver diseases including cancer.

Every coffee fan would have loved to hear this I’m sure! Coffee is bliss, coffee evaporates stress and now we know that other health benefits of coffee too! Coffee being our favorite beverage also reduces the risk of heart attack and even cancer. What else do we need to fall in love with coffee?


If your coffee is not healthy then you have no right to be happy about these health benefits of coffee. The research also says that to avail these health benefits of coffee your coffee must be healthy. There must not be any extra sugar, milk or cream in your coffee. A heavy snack by the side of coffee too would make the health benefits of coffee redundant.

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