75493 infant deaths in India in just a matter of 4 months: Reasons are shocking

Infants deaths in india

Infant deaths have always been India’s problem for given the large population that dwells in India and the under developed rural health infrastructures.

In the first financial year of 2017 which means the time period between April 2017 and July 2017 there have been 75493 infant deaths in India. This tally of Infant deaths in India comes from data received from a response under Right to Information.

Yes! The figure is mammoth and disturbing.

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75493 infant deaths in India in just a matter of 4 months raise stern concerns about the health infrastructure of India and the conditions of hygiene too.

This figure is a realization more than sufficient to figure out how far we are from the very abstract of development. This tally of infant deaths in India tells us why we have a lot more to focus on rather than the bullet train and how as a nation we have got out priorities wrong.

Madhya Pradesh tops the charts

Madhya Pradesh is at the apex of the state wise list of infant deaths in India. Madhya Pradesh with 9269 children dying under the age of 5 registered the highest number of infant deaths in India followed by Uttar Pradesh with 8440 deaths.

Gujarat which is cited as the development model too failed to keep infants safe as the tally of infant deaths here for the period of consideration is 6755 while New Delhi has a count of 1635.

Maharashtra too is among the top states with infant deaths in India with 5547 children dying in the period of consideration.

The least deaths were recorded in Andaman and Nicobar and Daman and Diu where the figures remained well within two digits.

This RTI data raises new concerns

The RTI was filed by activist Chetan Kothari and the figures which came out speak for the sorry state of health in India and we must note that while deaths of kids below one year was already a major health problem in India now these figures raise concerns for even the age group of 1 to 5 years.

For these four months we are talking about there have already been around 12000 registered deaths among children in the age group between 1 and 5.

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