Less sleep may shorten your life span: Side effects of insomnia

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Ours is a generation of insomniacs! We like to spend the night glued to our smartphone screens and feel lazy the entire day then. Hi five if you can relate to this! We are not even insomniacs by choice, most of the times we want to sleep on time but then there’s the social media addiction, certain random anxieties, wild wondering that just does not let us sleep. But here are some side effects of insomnia we must be wary of!

Medical sciences in new dimensions of research have established corroborative evidences of insomnia leading to shorter life spans. Not just this! As per Matthew Walker, one of the leading neuroscientists the side effects of insomnia can trigger breast, prostate, colon and endometrium cancers! He says disrupted sleep patterns and not having enough sleep can inflict upon one’s health some lethal side effects of insomnia.


Matthew Walker has been working since years to understand the effects of sleep on human lives from birth to death hence he has closely researched upon the side effects of insomnia. He is working on a book called “Why We Sleep.” He has been studying these patterns for over 20 years now.

His efforts are to understand what effects the loss of our sleep has on us and how this lack of enough sleep makes us vulnerable to cancer, diabetes, obesity, redundant mental health and even Alzheimers in some cases. The narration of his understanding of lack of sleep convinces us to be afraid of the side effects of Insomnia.


We don’t really need a testament to prove to us that there are some severe side effects of insomnia. We know that in fact years of Insomnia have already started to take a toll on our mental and physical health. Ours is a regressive and depressed generation no matter how cool or sorted we might want to seem wearing those pretentious masks. We make big issues out of small things and our generation is so caught in the mix of things be it attractions, relationships, careers, failures and much more.

So, we already know that our insomnia is snatching from us our mental stability and wellness but have we done much to change it? Have we ever given a valiant fight to these symptoms and side effects of insomnia? We are so complacent in our demeanour and we are so accustomed to the idea of being awake the entire night and ruining our health.

We hope after learning from these lethal side effects of insomnia you would at least give it a fair try to change your habits and to bring your sleeping cycles in a palatable order. These side effects clearly state the damages we are pushing ourselves towards are anything but irreparable.