Why Women in India should have paid period leaves: The basics we have failed to Understand

Period leaves in India

You must have often heard that girls shouldn’t enter the temple premises or other institutions of religion when they have active periods.

Yes, in India you would hear a lot of such stupid rituals which find both their origins and existence baffled. We are a confused society dwelling on perplexed beliefs.

We would act very smart otherwise but compromise all of it when it comes to paid period leaves in India.

But have you heard anyone stating what health precautions should women take during periods and how they should also not enter places of stress while they are menstruating?

The former stupid assertion might not have any logic to substantiate it but the latter concept of period health surely does.

Why should there be paid period leaves in India for women?

Even our logics thrive under the patriarchal contentions. Just because men don’t cramp and have periods the issue of having paid menstrual leaves for women as a part of working policies in India was not even taken up seriously.

India is a sexist nation after all, isn’t it?

But just because men have not witnessed these pains doesn’t mean that this pain is any less than excruciating. Many medical researchers argue that cramping can be as painful as heart attacks and luckily, for the women in Japan this policy was adopted way back in 1947.

This policy also exists in Zambia, Taiwan, and South Korea and maybe all other nations are as sexist as India!

As per the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, every 9 out of 10 women in their periods witness excruciating pain at work places and not more than one fourth of them could actually express this to their bosses. But then why do women have to ask for it?

They deserve it simply because the pain is enormous and might affect their health badly! What is so difficult for people and policy makers to understand here? The fact that we are a nation so frantic about goddesses forms a great ground for this leverage being extended to women.

The period pains, when collaborated with stress offered by workplaces and the workloads, multiply rapidly so much so that hot beverages, pain killers, etc nothing seems to work.

Period leaves in India

Types of menstrual pain

The menstrual pain and the causes of it can be broadly classified into two categories. Here’s what the classification looks like

  1. Dysmenorrhea

Primary Dysmenorrhea

This is the most common type of pain during periods. This is prevalent when there is no underlying problem in the uterus or the pelvis. This is more frequent in teenagers.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea

This is more common in women aged between 30’s and 40’s. It usually occurs from the problems of the womb or the pelvis.

  1. Endometriosis

This is the condition wherein the lining of the uterus grows outside rather than on the inner side. This condition extends the period pains to excruciating levels facilitated by inflammation.

The rest of India needs to learn from the Culture Machine: The Mumbai Startup setting the right example!

Culture Machine, the Mumbai media house start up undertook a noble initiation of fully paid period leaves to women on the first day of their periods and this is indeed an exemplary initiation. It is time more and more MNCs learn from the Culture Machine and eventually, the government takes this up a part of policy making.

It is time more and more MNCs learn from the Culture Machine and eventually, the government takes this up a part of policy making.

With 35% of the working population coming from the female gender this is one bold step to take. Culture Machine has 75 women on board as of now and they wish to expand it to 50%. We on behalf of all the women in India extend gratitude to them for this trend-setting gesture.

How many leaves and when?

Doctors and researchers assert that it is only human to offer one leave a month to women to not let their period pains develop into serious health disorders. This one day being referred to is the first day of the periods where in it hurts the most. Is one leave a month too much to grant or maybe granting this the manliness of this male chauvinist society will be hurt!

Period leaves in India aren’t just a matter of health but also a social issue that needs to be pondered upon. Not from a feminist purview but from a neutral perspective this abstract of period leaves in India seems legit and if Japan and Zambia with such skewed populations can do it why not us?

We would want to hear from you as to what you feel about the idea of offering paid period leaves in India for a day or two to the women in India.

Should women be given paid period leaves for the first day of their periods?

We would feature your opinions happily!


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of course,it’s a yes and not only one day can be extended to at least two days as the statistics can vary from woman to woman