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Reasons why Indian Teenagers Resort to Smoking: Survey Conducted in 6 Major Cities

Teenagers in India have found great dependence on smoking as a means of settling stress. A recent study conducted across six major Indian cities has revealed some strange and shocking trends and perceptions among teenagers with respect to smoking.  The six major cities covered in this study include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Kolkata. 

Teenagers find cigarette a stress reliever

The study shows that over 50 percent of the teenagers in India take a liking to smoking because they believe that it’s a stress buster. The study also reveals that the other larger reason why teenagers smoke is that it gives a cooler impression of their among others.

Smoking helps concentrate better, say teenagers 

As much as 52% percent teenagers also believe that smoking is a route to enhancing concentration levels. 90 percent teenagers said that they would not give up smoking and continue doing that if there is no resistance from their parents.

80% teenagers believed that there is no harm in is experimenting with smoking at least once.

Further 87 percent teenagers reported that watching actors smoke in movies contributes heavily to present smoking as a trend.

WHO stats on Smoking 

As per the World Health Organisation, Smoking claims over 7 million lives each year. Another study published in the Journal, The Lancet showed that 52.5 percent of deaths caused in 2015 worldwide by smoking were accounted for by China, India, Russia and the United States.

Smoking accounts for 90% deaths from Lung Cancer, 17% of deaths from Heart Diseases.

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