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This is how you win the ‘stress game’: Perfect the art of fighting stress.

Too stressed about stress? Some of us may be able to relate to this, does it feel like you want to be a kid again? Or every time you head to work and it seems like ‘hey morning, let the stress begin!’. Well, what is stress? In physics its pressure over a materialistic object, in our case we feel that pressure emotionally. Here are a few reasons that may cause stress along with a few solutions to them.

Tick tock 
Some of us have a huge task list assigned for each day, we can literally hear and feel the clock ticking at the back of our head. Being too demanding can lead to strained relations, please apply the same concept to yourself. Declutter your mind, sort out tasks you CAN do in one day. Divide take small steps at a time. This will not only allow you to complete your tasks on time but you will be able to give your 100% as you will not be stressed about incomplete tasks.

NO, means NO 
A recent study claims that 46% of the working class is under work stress. Learn to say NO to things, favors or work tasks that you cant handle. Don’t be a YES man! Since there is the only certain amount of work a person can handle both mental and physical, allow yourself to be a little selfish and say NO at the right time. When you take on unwanted tasks it builds unrealistic expectations from everyone, from you! This leads to stress.

A game of thrones 
We often come across conflicts at work and at home. The fight in families or spouses, or it may be at work. It surrounds the ‘whose right’ topic more often and for an ego boost. Although avoiding such arguments is not entirely in our hands, we can try and come to common grounds, look for a solution or simply try and walk it off if the room gets to heat up. Breathe and just break it, lingering thoughts of the conflict and the conflict itself lead to stress.

If your body feels great, so does your mind 
Stress often messes our diets in two extreme ways, some may eat a lot of food and some just quit eating totally. Whats more important is that in some cases we may be the cause of our own stress by following an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating at odd hours, eating out a lot and to worsen all this, no physical activity. Get out! Not for a beer, but for some fresh air. It’s known that exercise releases endorphins which induce good sleep and reduce stress.

Dear stress, let’s break up? 
‘ Excess of anything and everything is harmful’. The right amount of stress in our life leads to productivity, it helps us achieve better results and keeps us in check. Excess of stress can lead to a negative dip in the productivity graph. The above-listed reasons may not be your stress triggers, so first, you need to identify them. Ask yourself whether it’s the situation or you because you cant always be in control and sometimes you will have to change yourself. If nothing else works take professional help, there is no shame in it.


Author: Aveleen Kaur


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