World Heart Day: Here is what Indians feel about barriers to a healthy heart

29th September is the World Heart Day! So, on the World Heart Day we tried to figure out as to what keeps India away from a healthy heart.

“The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart” – Buddha

Here is what Indians have to say about the barriers to a healthy heart on the World Heart Day.

A lot of Indians have said that the reasons which make them miss the goals of a healthy heart and healthy life include job stress and home stress as the top features of the list. There is a mutual consensus in the fact of the matter that Indians feel that long working hours are a barrier to a healthy heart.

80% population of the sample size said that long working hours are the reason for an unhealthy life while 69% said that long traveling hours deplete health.

Besides long working hours and prolonged stress, a lot of Indians also said that they find it hard to resist the temptations of food. 83% Indians agreed to the fact that they surrender to the temptations of food while about 74% said that healthy food is not tasty and hence cannot be eaten regularly. All these figures are as per the Saffolife Survey.

This survey was conducted across a sample size of 1306 Indians from New Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.

 Heart failures in India a decade earlier than the west!

On the occasion of the World Heart Day experts said that people in India are affected almost a decade earlier than those in the west.  One-third of the heart failure patients die within 6 months of diagnosis which is indeed very alarming! We have always learned that cardiovascular diseases are

We have always learned that cardiovascular diseases are on of the top claimants of lives in India and we on this World Health Day we must pledge to keep our hearts healthy by doing whatever it takes!

                                           “I pledge to keep my heart healthy, won’t you?”

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