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You should know about these diet habits, If you have a pregnant women at home

 Every human body requires food in different quantity depending upon various factors such as sex, age, lifestyle the person is leading and the amount of work out they perform. The women who are expecting a child or a lactating mother’s diet would be a lot different than the diet of any other person in the household. A mother requires taking in food keeping in mind the requirement of her and her child in the womb. The food requirement of a mother keeps on changing between the whole pregnancy period, which needs to be taken care off quite properly. Dietary habits never to be ignored by an expecting mother: EAT THIS NOT THAT…..

 You should eat small but frequent meals

An expectant or lactating mother is required to have frequent meals which are light and nutritious. Intake of fruits and green and leafy vegetables is considered to be beneficial as it helps in the proper bowel movement of the mother.

Do include lots of vitamins and calcium in your diet

At the time of pregnancy, it is considered to take more of products which have calcium content such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc. because it would help in the proper formation of bones of the child. During the time of lactation, intake of vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin C is considered to be beneficial for the health of the mother as well as helps in the survival of the newborn in the initial days. The sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits and vegetables like amla, lemon, etc.

You must know about these iron sources for intake

Intake of iron is considered to be most important. Many women suffer because of lack of iron in the body and can become anaemic. Iron intake is important for both pregnant and lactating mother. The sources of iron are black grams, fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables, leguminous vegetables and other poultry products. Iron intake is necessary for the health of the mother as well as beneficial for the child mortality. Cereals, grains, beans, milk, etc., the food rich in proteins should also be consumed by a mother during the phase of lactation.

To do things…..

An expectant and lactating mother should take care of her health properly as she has the responsibility of the other life growing inside her. All the junk food or consumption of food which can be harmful to health can lead to complications in the child after birth. For the proper put on of weight rich food full of fats and carbohydrates should be consumed by a mother. Ghee, butter and nuts are the essential items to be included in the diet of a pregnant of the lactating woman.

Together with proper diet, there are some more things which need proper attention. An expectant and lactating mother should refrain from the consumption of alcohol and abstain from smoking. The medicines which are prescribed by the doctor should only be consumed. Calcium and iron supplements, if prescribed by a doctor should be should be included in a diet.The diet of the pregnant woman or a lactating mother should be planned in a proper way which would help in the well-being of the child as well as the mother.


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