Has Shahrukh khan lost his charm?-“Jab Harry Met Sejal”

There was much curiosity about Shahrukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali coming together for ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ for this seems like a beautiful combination at first.

But then the question came, how would this Imtiaz Ali movie be any different from other Imtiaz Ali movies?

As the much-awaited flick took the silver screen it was discovered that this is only a slight modification of the usual Imtiaz Ali template. Even though King Khan looks in total control caught in a character which has to use both Punjabi and Hindi the movies’ plot other shapes up slowly causing moments of disinterest.

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Anushka Sharma has done a decent job and has realized that she need not go overboard when its King Khan in the other lead.

What’s the plot like?

This, as we told you earlier, is a usual Imtiaz Ali template so one thing had to be sure and that was the actors traveling from one beautiful destination to the other.

Shahrukh plays a tour guide in this movie who gets caught up with Anushka Sharma who loses her engagement ring in Amsterdam.

The initial scenes of the movie will make you revisit Love Aaj Kal given how similar they may seem.

King Khan has some heavy duty dialogues in this picture and he delivers them with such charm, reminding people once again as to why he’s the king. His character is that of a carefree soul, that is how Punjabis are of course!

jab harry met sejal

Anushka, on the other hand, has a character who blabbers a lot in a faulty accent but then she hides it with her sarcasm and comic timing which adds grace to her character. She is an extended version of Jab We Met’s Geet!

All in all, it is a fun film at the outset and fun is the soul of this movie. Your interest and liking of this movie would depend on how big a fan you are of King Khan.

The story isn’t really the strong point of this movie but the actor’s chemistry is. A few reviews say that it is a love story lost in the scenic beauty of Europe and some say King Khan has become rusty.

There are also reviews which have praised the film heavily. So if you are to go by reviews, it is a mixed bag and again it comes down to how big a fan of King Khan or Imtiaz Ali or Anushka Sharma you are!

Happy weekend!