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Have concerts from behind the bars: Rapist BABA sentenced for 20 years in a revolutionary judgment

Many might want to ask you as to why the rapist Baba was not sentenced for life following the conviction in the rape trial under a special CBI court.

Has he been let off with an easy punishment is a different question but what matters at this moment is the fact that Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been sentenced despite all his power and money?

This indeed is a great victory of the Indian judiciary which has sentenced the VVIP perpetrator without crumbling under any sort of pressure or the much evident political influence that was being showcased towards Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

The CBI judge has been flamboyant against odds and so was the investigating officer of the CBI Mr. Satish Daggar and also the journalist who published the crux of dark tales of the Dera Sacha Sauda and kissed martyrdom in the process. 

Then we must not forget the victims who’ve been unmoved under pressure and threats conferred by the Dera and the brother of one of these was an even murderer by men allegiant to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

This is a victory of all these brave hearts who have saved people from further falling a trap to his filthy castle. These are the people who have had steel nerves against the horrifying mights of the rapist Baba.

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Today the Indian judiciary has given a very bold reminder to those who believe that it’s easy to mould the law with money and political influence.

If the law in this nation was so weak and mouldable then Gurmeet Ram Rahim had all the political patron use and money in the world to mould it but thanks to an honest and intrepid judge that at last justice prevailed despite the delay of 15 years.

Since 2002 when this matter was reported at first several governments over time tried to fiddle to trial and even asked the investigating officials to adopt a  slow policy for all the political factions have had patronage to seek from the Dera.

Politicians touching his feet and toddling at his doorsteps might have made him believe that he’s invincible but today the judiciary has made all his assumptions fall flat.

He has been sentenced to imprisonment for 20 years and again we might want to question as to why 20 years and not life imprisonment but still these 20 years seeing him behind the jail sound pleasant to the years given the political immunity he has always enjoyed.

Today in the special CBI court set up at the Rohtak jail the lawyers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh argued that he must be given a soft punishment for his philanthropic deeds and ill health, however, all these baseless arguments felt flat on their face in front of the determination of Judge Jagdeep Singh to deliver justice.

To conclude we’d say that this sentencing of the highly important and influential rapist is a warning for anyone who wants to take the law lightly from the purview of their money and might.

This is a historic judgment which boosts the abstract of social justice in India by great measures and also a strong narrative that the biggest criminals would get the biggest arm of the law to their neck.

Now the rapist Baba can sit behind bars and count the rods and repent over his arrogance and filthy deeds.

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