What if the next PM comes from Bollywood?

Bollywood and politics

We have often experimented with our political establishments, haven’t we? Just like Bollywood is all about star power the same reflects in the national or states’ politics too.

Political parties in India are often tempted to enroll Bollywood stars as their star campaigners for the popularity they carry along with them.

What if the political scenarios were to be painted even more in the hues of Bollywood. What if those who have served the film industry for long were to take up key positions in the national politics?

Just the thought of this makes the horses of curiosity run briskly. We would love to see our favorite stars helming the nation in a different role altogether where there are no retakes.

Things would not fall in place here like it does in movies because the script says so. Helming a nation like India and being the face of India’s recognition isn’t an easy job and so is living up to the expectations of 1.3 billion people isn’t easy.

What if Politics was totally Bollywoodised?

Here are a few Bollywood stars that the nation would love to see at the helm someday because of their proficient skill sets, education, and fondness. Let us just assume some of the most deserving stars of the Bollywood making it to politics.

Amitabh Bachchan

His popularity and success in Bollywood is something we need not even have to talk about. He is a sky scrapper of success! He has very often been a part of campaigns and initiatives that concern the nation. Presently too you can see him featuring in government’s propaganda of sanitation.

At the back end of this generous national duty lies a highly qualified personality. Amitabh Bachchan is a double major in science and if we were to pick someone for the top political post in the nation he would surely be the first pick.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh khan in politics

He might stand nowhere against other Bollywood stars when it comes to highly qualified stars but his charm and popularity would make him the only king, ‘king khan’.

He is a graduate of the Hansraj College in Delhi and his charm has wrapped in its arms. Would ‘king khan’ be a good political kingpin too?

We badly want a young and dynamic Prime Minister, don’t we? If India was to pick its Justin Trudeau wouldn’t he be the perfect pick?

Amir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist would no way be kept out of the list! He has been the face of Satyamev Jayate bringing much needed social awareness and information to people. Known to breathe perfection one can expect him to carry the same if he ever makes it to politics. He may not be the best pick if education was to be a criterion but then there is surely something amazing that we can expect from him.

Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood in Politics

She might not have excelled in Bollywood but if you look at her educational qualifications she would stand far above anyone else.

She is not a major, not even a double major but a triple major in business, finance, and economics!

Yes, she is qualified to an extent of what many would only dream of! Maybe helming the nation’s economy she would be much more successful than Bollywood.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan too has been a part of several initiatives and campaigns about public health awareness. Her grace is much obvious to reflect in her work too. She has a Masters degree in sociology and we would love to see her taking one of the top posts someday.

Soha Ali Khan

Her Bollywood career might have stumbled badly but then she is a Master in International Relations from the London School of Economy and Political Science. She has perhaps wasted her talents and potentials following the precedent of her star family. If with such high credentials she ever makes it to the politics of the nation we would only be glad to see her, more than ever seeing any of her movies!

She has perhaps wasted her talents and potentials following the precedent of her star family. If with such high credentials she ever makes it to the politics of the nation we would only be glad to see her, more than ever seeing any of her movies!

Many people in fact from the Indian film industry are actively serving the national political establishment or those of various states. The list of Bollywood stars who are now Members of the Parliament or of State Legislative Assemblies is inexhaustible.

Even though there is ample presence of movie stars in the political sphere but none of them holds a pivotal position that offers the authority to change. What if a film star was to be the Prime Minister or a Party President or an imperative cabinet minister?- VoiceUrViews

Would they succeed the real or are they just about the reel? The curiosity only builds up!  Roll, camera, and action are what define a film star and as we said there would always be retakes. Talking about politics from the purview of a pivotal position it’s a complete discourse from Bollywood.

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