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Why do we still judge people via their clothing?

over judgmental society

We are a judgemental society!

Yes, we have to agree to this and we can’t just get over this absurd habit of ours. We would very vocally bring out the patriot in us when Indians would be discriminated against by foreigners for their appearance but then we would do it ourselves to our own people.

The recent testament of our judgmental ordeal is the Kolkata incident where a man was barred from entering a mall just because he wore a dhoti!

So now by this absurd incident, we are to assume that our dressing sense must not suit our comfort levels but ought to suit other’s expectations!

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Can the over judgmental society be anymore funnier?

This incident is laughable and hilarious to come across but pondering upon it further it raises imperative questions to the Indian society.

Hold your laughter because there’s another funny dimension to this! The man was barred from entering the mall because of his attire and then he was also let in because he argued in English. Ok!

The man was barred from entering the mall because of his attire and then he was also let in because he argued in English.

over judgmental society


Ok! Now, this is hilarious and we can only laugh about it (even if we try hard not to laugh). So then this brings out another fallacy of the over judgmental society we live in. In a nation where Hindi is the national language and a nation which is a melting bowl of different cultures and languages English is what validates us to be acceptable in the society.

Yes, English in India is a class as mentioned in a dialogue from the recent film, Hindi Medium and it is not just a metaphor to class but a validation to be considered suitable to the society or to be friends with.

Now let us draw a parallel perspective.

What if the same man entered the mall in a nice slim fit suit with broken English? Would the mall staff have barred him because his English isn’t validated?

He would have surely been let in even if he was a criminal on parole. Such arbitrary is our purview with which we judge people and this parallel perspective was only drawn to showcase this arbitrariness.

Are we still mentally under developed despite our developments of life styles and economy? Aren’t we a rather absurd and ambiguous society that wastes so much time in judging people?

Also, our judging criteria are so baffled that we are a perplexed society! Write your views to us and we would feature them.

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