Why is the PM silent on allegations against Jay Shah?


The Prime Minister has always been vocal about eliminating corruption from the nation and we must accept that corruption is deep rooted in the Indian systems and we stand by the Prime Minister in his fight against corruption. The PM has often reiterated, “NA KHAUNGA NA KHANE DUNGA” (Neither would I indulge in corruption nor would I let anyone else indulge in corruption)

As Prime Minister Modi’s reign progressed we saw all the election promises being forgotten and faded. There were schemes announced one after the other and Amit Shah, the BJP president was recently heard reading out those schemes in Amethi stating that the PM has given the nation 106 schemes. Very humbly we would want to ask our PM, how many of them saw an implementation that is palatable?


Serious allegations have been made against Jay Shah, Amit Shah’s son that post BJP coming to the helm of the nation the turnover of his company otherwise going in a loss multiplied 16000 times and from INR 50000 the turnover saw a rise to INR 80 Crores. This made national news this week as Jay Shah responded to this article by the Wire.in with a criminal defamation suit.

Of course it would be too early to speculate but an allegation has been made and the charges must be probed. The BJP however, has just written off the argument by saying that THERE IS NO NEED FOR A PROBE, EVERYTHING IS LEGITIMATE! Well of course the BJP isn’t made of good economists, at least not as good as those who can provide an atmosphere where in a company’s profit rises by 16000 times! We are not saying that the allegations are true and we respect the procedures the probes follow but would THERE BE A PROBE?

WHY IS OUR PM SILENT ON THESE STERN CHARGES? Does the PM lack the spine to touch Amit Shah’s son? Why is the government not ordering a probe? If Jay Shah is innocent BJP must trust the honourable judiciary that he would surely be exonerated but why is the BJP shying away from the probe? If he is innocent of course he would come clean but should we rather have an inclination towards believing these allegation seeing the BJP duck to the issue and the Prime Minister exercising a chilling silence on the entire issue?



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