5 years of AAP: The rise and the fall

5 years ago the Aam Aadmi Party, born out of the grand Anna Hazare Movement came into existence. The party was formed as being a ‘party with a difference’ and everyone looked upon the party with great hope, expecting it to emerge as a meaningful alternative to both, the Indian National Congress and BJP who had hijacked the Indian politics for decades.

AAP was quick to gain momentum, it came to power in Delhi pretty soon after its birth and even had a decent opening in its maiden Lok Sabha elections. AAP coming to power with such big victories started to flip the picture of national politics and the INC and BJP started to become wary of Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal was making every other party feel the heat and was changing the dynamics of Indian politics with great pace until the spark started to wither away.

AAP’s downfall was as quick as its rise. The party was formed on agendas of:

  1. Elimination of Corruption 
  2. Self Governance 
  3. Implementation of the Lok Pal 


AAP’s tale of troubles 


But soon AAP became a victim of its own problems and internal tussles. From being a party with a difference the AAP too gradually started to seem as a party that is all about nepotism and intolerance to internal democracy. Like a movie that seems very promising in the beginning and becomes meaningless with time, AAP too lost the plot. There were a lot of internal tussles and the senior leaders of the party were either expelled or left.

Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan who were the founders of the party along with Arvind Kejriwal were expelled from the party and this further broke down the fortunes and deterred the repute of the AAP. Problems surrounded the party in a cluster and Arvind Kejriwal could only manage to deny any such scenarios but it was prominent that the party with a difference had set on to the road of being similar to any other political faction in India.

Now people have lost the hope they once could foresee in Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP. The party fought state elections in Punjab and Goa but the internal tussles once again got the better of AAP’s chances to win. Now the big test for the AAP would be to regain power in the next State Assembly Elections for Delhi.



For every failure that came the Delhi government’s way, the blame was always put on the lieutenant governor of Delhi and Arvind Kejriwal always cried conspiracy in the way the governor of Delhi created hurdles in his way on the instructions of the center.  The spat got uglier with time and eventually, the matter went to the court too. But how long would this excuse save Kejriwal? How long can he duck under this excuse?


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