Amit Shah’s son to sue Wire.in for criminal defamation

If the allegations of the Indian National Congress are to be believed then Jay Shah, the son of the BJP chief Amit Shah has made a turnover of 80.5 crore which amounts to an increase by 16,000 in the year following the BJP taking to the helm of the nation.

The Indian National Congress cited the company filings of the Registrar of Companies. The spokespersons of the congress said that the fact that a company with no assets or inventory raised the turnover of 80.5 crores is indeed a scam.

Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister, Kapil Sibal said, “How can a company with no inventory, no assets, has a turnover of 80 crores? Isn’t this surprising? And all of this suddenly after a change in the government! This is crony capitalism”

RAHUL GANDHI, the INC vice president alleged that Amit Shah and his son were the real beneficiaries of the demonetization drill.

Kapil Sibal also said the Honorable Prime Minister of the Nation, Shri Narendra Modi should initiate a fair probe into the matter. “Will the PM ask CBI to act? Will arrests take place?” Asked the senior Congress leader!

Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah has however, decided to file a 100 crore criminal defamation charge against the media house ‘Wire’ for spreading or propagating false news. The author of the article, the editor and the owner of the media house will be framed against for defaming Jay Shah.

Even the Aam Aadmi Party has demanded a probe into the matter. The party officials said, “Party wants that the company records should be probed for signs of money laundering as well”



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