What is the “Blue Whale” death game?

blue whale game

With a 14-year-old student killing himself in Mumbai fell a prey to this ‘Blue Whale’ dare this game for the first time made the news. This Blue Whale dare claimed the life of Manpreet Singh, the 14-year-old boy who apparently jumped off from the terrace.

 What is this Blue Whale Dare about?

This is another corroboration of the social media madness that is spreading briskly. As people have addicted to social media it has become easier for some foolish heads to gain imperativeness and fame through such stupid challenges.

This is a 50-day challenge which requires the participant to take up daily online tasks. So the player needs to tackle a challenge each day posted online and then post a selfie in a private online group the last task being suicide and Manpreet feel a scapegoat this craziness.

Of course one has to a social media maniac to believe in such a concept and actually follow it. The inventor is surely a sadist we must say!

Manpreet’s friends say that he said that he would soon cease going to school. His parents are clueless about any such Blue Whale dare that their child took up and the police have confiscated his gadgets to probe the matter.

Who invented this madness?

The sadist mind behind this game is a 22-year-old Philipp Budeiki. He says he initially pushed youngsters to commit suicide by finding people over the social media who could become a scapegoat to this game easily by being manipulated.

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He is already behind bars, was put in Jail much before Manpreet lost his life which is evident of the fact that his Blue Whale dare is still active despite him being behind the bars. He has been sentenced a three-year imprisonment by a Siberian court for inciting Russian youth to suicide.

This game has claimed over 130 lives with Manpreet supposedly the first casualty from India.

The onus is on the parents!

 We are in a scenario where parents don’t have much time for their child and the child’s only dependence hence rests on social media making them very vulnerable to such things for they do not understand the difference between fun and the fatal.

Our objective to highlight this issue is to bring about awareness and urge the parents that they need to keep a check on their child with respect to what they are doing and who are they connecting over the social media. Only you can check your child’s indulgences and you must!

Such dares or stupid challenges like this Blue Whale Dare must stay far away from your child.