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The Good Life VS The Good Action.

The more the world moves towards progress the more development is there in the society and the more people are educated and literate. However, one thought to really ponder upon is that has the incessant moving ahead somehow demented us?

The constant stress of modern life has led many to be patients of depression while the frustration and aggression in life have resulted in widespread violence all around us. The present world is full of freak violence accidents, terrorism, drug and substance abuse, crimes against kids and women and constant neglect of human rights.

The world is moving ahead at a breakneck speed but somewhere on the way, we have forgotten to be humans first. The unending wars, the unstoppable acts of terrorism and the naked lust for power has crippled humanity.

The cut-throat competition on the work field has led to ethics being thrown to the wind with people resorting to all sorts of politically inclined moves in order to succeed. The world leaders are only hungry for power and do not care at all for the benefit of those who vote them into power. They deliberately create fiascos in order to gain politically and establish their own strongholds.

Human life is disregarded and has become extremely cheap. It is a commodity that is often traded casually. Terrorism is at its peak and  the numbers of deaths and the people affected are tossed about as if they mean nothing. It is casually reported that 500 have been killed in Syria or 700 are injured after bomb blasts in Pakistan. The current generation has become immune to these numbers, we fail to realise that each number is a tale of a family. 500 dead means that 500 families have been left in an unending gloom. However, these thoughts seldom cross the minds of the people who are the perpetrators of violence.

The world we live in has become extremely corrupt, violent, angry, frustrated, unethical and immoral. Child abuse and domestic violence are extremely common. Intolerance against several communities, several people and those who are different from the rest is on the rise. People are living out their lives in constant fear of death. A large number of countries have entered the nuclear warfare zone and are always ready for battle.

What is the solution to all this? How can we turn back time and go back to the ages when there were no weapons, no stress, no hatred and no complexity? Is it remotely possible to bring back the innocence? To ensure that kids are not subjected to violence anytime anywhere and that the world peace and ethics and morals are once again established?

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