Citizens buy the idea of social cohesion, why don’t the political parties?

India’s diversity is its beauty and we know it, the world knows it and we are proud of it. We are proud of the fact that India is home to a cluster of religions, cultures, rituals, and communities.

Irrespective of our religion, castes, and cultures we have a united identity that no one can challenge, we are Indians before we belong to a particular religion or a state.

We the citizens of India happily buy the idea of social cohesion then why do Indian political parties or current politics in india refute it?

Maybe the day social cohesion becomes a popular and prevalent idea their political shops might just see a big lock hanging outside their gates.

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Current politics in India is all about sidelining the abstracts of social cohesion and polarize people on the basis of religion and cultures.

We don’t need evidence to this because this is something largely prominent.

Be it the issue of the lynching fiasco, or the Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections that saw BJP winning handsomely on the Ram Mandir issue or the saffronization of politics the Indian political system is all about dividing people for political gains.

Indian political parties, be it any has an agenda of appeasement to a particular religion or community and this is where the edifice of breaching the principle of social inclusion starts.

Current politics in India is totally insensitive of the constitutionally guaranteed secularism.

: current politics in India

While we as the citizens are happy to stay together as being Indians before being Hindus or Muslims the Indian political parties finds our harmony pretty hard to digest because of course, this is too detrimental for their vote banks.

So the irony of the nation is that all of us have been brought together by the Constitution and the very fundamentals of our nation we are often made to stand against each other and kill each other by the political compulsions of different political parties.

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We the citizens are like puppets which our very own representatives exploit at the will of their greed and lust for power.

The political parties keep blaming each other, asking for resignations from ministers of rivalry parties on even the most minimal issues and they keep drawing lines between religions and community failing the principles of India that our freedom fighters dreamed of.

Is this the India Mahatma Gandhi dreamed of or Bhagat Singh was martyred for?

Indian political system is shamelessly complacent about dividing people and making them stand against each other because to their political interests every controversy, every riot and every conflict counts!

We love to stay together, Sikhs love to host Ramzan feasts for Muslims, Muslims are all up for the construction of Ram Mandir and we celebrate each festival with the same magnitude of elation irrespective of which religion it belongs to.

We don’t wish to be divided, we don’t wish to paint our hands in each other’s blood then why can’t these political parties leave us on our own?

How long would we tolerate being fondled with in the name of religion, caste, and cultures? While people in other nation talk about development and social emancipation we are still cat fighting in the name of religion and caste. Would we just quietly see our strength become our weakness? Voice your views with voiceurviews.com and we will feature you.