The Elphinstone Stampede could have been averted if railways paid heed to warnings

Friday morning indeed turned out to a black Friday for the city of dreams as 22 lives were crushed to death at the Elphinstone station of Mumbai’s life lines. 22 people were caught in the jaws of death and at least 35 brutally injured as the foot over bridge at the Suburban station, the Elphinstone station witnessed an unfortunate stampede at around 10.30 AM on Friday.

You must note the fact the no other stampede at a suburban city railway station anywhere in the city has claimed so many lives. While a plethora of people were waiting on the foot over bridge for the rain to bid farewell the crowd at the narrow foot over bridge escalated like anything. in no time the foot over bridge became jam packed with people and hence largely over crowded. The daily footfall at the Elphinstone Raod Parel is as much as 3.5 Lakhs and the station has is a narrow foot over bridge.

Then was needed to trigger the stampede was a rumor and that is exactly what happened! A rumor that the bridge is collapsing made the crowd running for their lives here and there and this ended in a miserable stampede which took away 22 lives. A highly desperate push by people towards the exit is what caused the crushing stampede.



Many commuters including the cartoonist Manjul had warned the railways and government officials through tweets and other means. They had even tagged Prime Minister Narnedra Modi and Suresh Prabhu who was the Railways Minister until the very recent cabinet reshuffle. Several warnings about the danger lurking on this footbridge and for its widening seeing the crowd influx were made but no one paid heed and hence the Railways and government are the murderers of these 22 people who died because of a governmental neglect. You talk about bullet train but you can’t even pay heed to the warnings about the existing structures! It is only a misfortune for the nation that the government such blatantly ignores the ground reality in its populist desperation.