How Maneka Gandhi has failed the Modern Day Indian Women!

Governments act too funny at times, especially here in the largest democracy of the world. The government over these 3 years has only trapped people by throwing schemes one after the other.

The funny yet condemnable thing is that our government has already realized the need to go digital and cashless even if more than half the nation isn’t even ready for it but the government has still not felt the need to recognize some of the most peculiar issues plaguing the nation.

Social Issues like Marital rapes, Female Genital Mutilation, Paid period leaves and other things that concern a gender has still not caught the government’s eyes. Could they have got their priorities any more tangled and arbitrary?

Gandhi isn’t a surname you’d usually associate with the BJP. Gandhi is more of a synonymous to the Indian National Congress but Maneka Gandhi and her son are an exception here. They represent the Gandhian face of the BJP but have they lived up to the Gandhi prestige if Rahul Gandhi didn’t? 

Maneka Gandhi is the women and child care development minister since 2014. She’s a minister from the government that is always indulged in chest thumping for being the people’s government but how come then their idea of

“Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” left out Women? 

Maneka Gandhi in her tenure has miserably failed to address any of the issues that concern women in India. Many of us wouldn’t even know that such a ministry even exists for such has been the redundancy of this minister and her ministry.

Smart cities were announced much enthusiastically but why did no one announce smart mindsets and smart governance first?

Maneka Gandhi is not even seeing making tall claims like other ministers who are loudmouths even if they don’t work much. But at least unlike Maneka Gandhi, they make their presence felt!

Here’s how Maneka Gandhi has failed comprehensively to address the concerns and represent the interests of the modern day Indian women.

On the issue of marital rapes

Just because marital rapes have not been criminalized in India marriage is seen as a license to have sex. The way people buy the idea of marriage assuming it to be a means of free sex can all be credited to marital rapes not being criminalized.

Paid period leaves in India

Just read this statement and bang your heads on the wall! This coming from the minister of women development is only to cry about it.

This illiteracy and poverty did not reflect in the government’s covering up of demonetization when they said we want to go cashless but when it comes to criminalizing marital rapes our minister thinks that we are not literate enough!

Can the women development minister be anymore senseless saying that?

The modern day Indian women refuse to be objectified but till our ministers have such a redundant frame of mind exist women will only be objectified especially under the umbrella of marriage.

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Now here is where the legal contradiction is, the rape laws in India clearly state that any sexual act without the consent of the female partner is a rape. So how is marriage synonymous to consent?

A woman might not have consent even after marriage and then the sexual offense fall in line with the definition of rape but it is still not a rape just because this rape was validated by marriage!

It is time Maneka Gandhi realizes that spousal rape to is a part of sexual violence against women!

A large number of nations including big ones and the smaller ones realize that marital rape to is a human rights violation and have criminalized the same right but India continues to be blindfolded here, thanks to ministers like Maneka Gandhi.

On female genital mutilation

Just the imagination of this barbaric practice sends shivers down one’s soul. This is 14th Century practice still prevalent in India and practiced by the Bohra community, a Shia Muslim sect.

Maneka Gandhi remained blind folded on this practice two and only after the Supreme Court pulled up the center on a PIL regarding banning of FGM she felt the need to give a statement on this for the first time.

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“If the Bohras don’t stop it voluntarily, the government would”  This is such a weak statement coming from a government with such a large majority in the Parliament.

Obviously, the Bohra community won’t give it up voluntarily just because Maneka Gandhi wants them to!

For them, it is a mandatory ritual and the only thing they would fear is the law.

So where is the law? Where is Maneka Gandhi’s intent to eradicate this practice?

There must be deterrence crafted by law to ban this practice and this intent has to come from the women development minister. She needs to have more severe stands on the issue than just giving statements for the sake of it!

On Paid Period leaves in India

Now, this is something Maneka Gandhi has never even touched upon. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Zambia with such tiny populations have realized the need to offer paid period leaves but India with such a large population hasn’t.

Even if Maneka Gandhi was to make a statement on this we are sure it would be as hopeless as the one on marital rapes in India.

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So there are the issues or fronts where Maneka Gandhi has actually failed the modern day literate Indian women. She has never trusted the modernization of the Indian women to understand circumstances and laws better.

If she did understand all of this she would have been an active minister and an enthusiastic minister banking upon the modern day approach of the strong Indian women and had done wonders in terms of policy making in line with this modernization but she perhaps continues to live in an orthodox scenario.

What are your views on the performance of Maneka Gandhi as the women and child development minister?

We would love to hear from you and feature your opinions in a follow-up article to this.