Why should J&K should be treated specially anymore?- Voice UR Views

If there is anything that has ever brought the Mehbooba Mufti led PDP and Farooq Abdullah’s National Conference on the same page it is fear of abrogation of Article 35A of the Constitution.

No wonders how these two rivalry political factions of Jammu and Kashmir stand united and have met and deliberated upon the protection of the Article 35A of The Constitution. Mehbooba Mufti recently met and consulted with Farooq Abdullah over the fear of dilution of the article and this has happened for the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir politics that these parties have had a mutual dialogue.

  What is article 35A?

 Jammu and Kashmir enjoys a special status as conferred by Article 370 of The Indian Constitution. Now Article 35A of The Constitution of India is the provision that empowers the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution to lay down the definition of “permanent residents” of the state.

It was inserted to Constitution through “Constitution Order, 1954” under the Article 370 by the then President of India. For political parties in the state defending Article 35A is a matter of defending Jammu and Kashmir’s existence.

But then isn’t Jammu and Kashmir’s existence always safe as being an integral part of the nation?

 “If Article 35A is tempered with we will cease to exist”: Mehbooba Mufti

 Mehbooba Mufti said that Article 35A is a matter of existence for Jammu and Kashmir and if it is tampered with or abrogated Jammu and Kashmir will cease to exist. But we would like to ask her, why would it cease to exist when New Delhi has always related to Srinagar like any other state?

She said that she has consulted the matter with Abdullah and has asked them to raise the issue to the leaders in Delhi. Mehbooba Mufti is the chief minister of an alliance which also features the BJP and the same BJP at center is keen to dilute this article and merge Jammu and Kashmir with the national mainstream which is seemingly not wrong at all. India is

India is federal nation and every state is an integral part of it. Jammu and Kashmir was given the special status under the ambit of “Temporary Provisions” realizing the then scenario and now if we talk about diluting Article 35A or even the entire provision by abrogating Article 370 why would Jammu and Kashmir fear and existential crisis when it is as much a part of the union like other states.

Have other states ever complained about fearing their existence for they have no special powers? We would love to feature your views on this! Voice your valuable views with voiceurviews!