Reasons why the states in India should learn governance from Kerala

Kerala might have its share of problems in terms of violence between the left and the right groups. But when it comes to governance and social emancipation of people Kerala model is the model that is exemplary for all other Indian states. Kerala has never shied away from breaking the ice around stereotypes and taboos and hence there is every reason why the 21st century Indian mentality must seek inspiration from Kerala.

Here are all those incidents or achievements when Kerala model became the model the entire nation must look up to. We love Kerala for extending much power and recognition to fragments of the society which are otherwise looked upon and maligned over decades even though we are the largest democracy of the world. Kerala teaches us how the spirit of inclusiveness and pluralism is kept alive in a democracy.

  1. Kerala opened the first transgender school in the country in Kochi

Even today most of the schools and colleges in India would humiliate transgender people and close all doors for them. Don’t they have the right to be educated like any other citizen of India? Kerala was the first to answer this question with a school dedicated to the transgender community and the nation must learn democracy from Kerala.

  1. First state in India to be declared digital

Kerala is an amply proud state for it has 100% mobile connectivity and 75% internet literacy. Former President Pranab Mukherjee declared Kerala as the first digital state in India.  Way to go Kerala! *claps*

  1. Maiden state to adopt a transgender policy

The document of “State Policy for Transgenders in India” was presented by the chief secretary of Kerala during the First International Conference on gender equality. Kerala aims to review the implementation by 2018 but having declared the policy Kerala has done the first step right. Every state must adopt a policy for the transgender community to safeguard their welfare and to confront their discrimination.

  1. First state to achieve 100% primary education

Kerala was declared as the first state to achieve 100% literacy rate and Kerala has a deliberately designed primary education equivalency drive as a part of the state literacy program.

  1. The only state to have made sanitary napkins vending machine compulsory in schools

Kerala has become the maiden Indian state to have made the sanitary napkins vending machines compulsory in all higher secondary schools in the school in May 2017. The number of vending machines will be proportional to number of girls.

  1. Kerala just appointed 6 Dalit priests

The Travancore Devasom Recruitment Board under the state government recently appointed 36 Non Brahmin priests in a land mark decision out of which 6 were Dalits.

  1. Kerala has a sex ratio like no other state

In Kerala for every 100 men there are 109 women and such a positive sex ratio does not exist in any other state. IT IS THE VERY FEW PLACES IN THE WORLD WHERE WOMEN OUT NUMBER MEN.

  1. Kerala is the first to declare internet as a human right

Don’t we love Kerala for this? Kerala is the first state in India that has declared internet as a human right! This is the best of all those reasons why India should look upto Kerala for every tweak that India needs!

  1. Kerala is the only state that almost meets UN standards on Infant Mortality Rate

Kerala is a state with a single digit IMR. Infant mortality rate in Kerala is 6 per 1000 live births. Now the state is working on to bring down the maternal mortality rate to around 30.

So, now we are sure that you would be convinced to believe that India as a nation has a lot to learn from Kerala as to how the very principle of tolerance and inclusion is propagated and how the rights and interests of every community are protected and not maligned!




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