ML Khattar to close down meat shops in residential areas in Gurugram: Is this democracy?

baba gurmeet singh

                  “Bans are laws for the stupid” 

This quote well explains how sense less bans are. When you consider bans in the largest democracy of the World, India then they seem even more stupid and misfit given the liberty and the right to choice conferred upon us by our prestigious constitution.

BJP governments: B for Ban 

We have seen bans being a feature ever since the incumbent political establishment took to the helm of the nation. The debate around beef ban is perennial and has given air to cow vigilantism and a sense of intolerance radiating in the nation. Dissent as we understand is almost banned under this government even though no law exists on paper but we’ve seen people expressing dissent being abused or even shot. NDTV too was about to take a toll of the banning spree. ML Khattar is all set to take inspiration from the BJP.

Gurugram: The latest example of bans and denial

The honourable chief minister of Haryana, Shri Manohar Lal Khattar who recently made so heavy duty news for creating a connivance for the Panchkula arson has said that all the meat shops in residential areas of Gurugram shall cease to exist. One simple question to him is, who is he to decide what people eat and what people don’t?

He can let Haryana burn thrice but people in Haryana cannot even choose to eat what they wish to?

Why do we have to remind the BJP again and again about the fact that India is a democracy and it’s ok if they don’t eat meat but others do and they have every right to do so?

Why does the BJP always fail to understand that we do not need their Hinduism hegemony being imposed upon us? Why does BJP needs to be reminded every time that they are people’s government and not a government of the RSS.

Every ban and denial of this manner is an assault on our right to choice and right to life. It these stupid laws or policies are to exist in the 21st century India then we must forgo the vision to be a developed nation because then each day we are receding backwards with the sort of atmosphere being created in the nation.

How does taking out meat shops from residential areas even qualify as being anything close to sensible? Clearly, policy isn’t the strong point of M.L Khattar and with this move he has only once again proved the same.

There are other more important issues to be addressed M.L Khattar

While ML Khattar is spending all his energy and limited policy intellect on propagating Hindutva in the state he blatantly is ignoring other important issues which need to be addressed rather that eating into people’s right of choice. There are issues like

  1. Crimes against women in Haryana 
  2. Dalit atrocities 
  3. Job creation and others 

So, our advice to the CM, ML Khattar is only this that he should rather get his priorities right and work for the welfare of the state and not for a Hindutva purity of the state.


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