Indian Politics: No more about welfare but opportunities

Nitish Kumar

Political melodramas have become a permanent feature of Indian politics and Bihar is the newest chapter of these dark books. What happened in Bihar and how Nitish Kumar quit as the chief minister only to come back within 24 hours with a new alliance in the form of BJP looks like a well-scripted ploy.

Nitish Kumar has only corroborated the fact that in India politics isn’t about welfare but it is about opportunities and greed.

As a citizen, this is something to be disappointed about as we only find our interests being sidelined and stampeded between these political games.

Nitish Kumar’s resignation and a plethora of corruption charges against the grand alliance of RJD, JDU and the Indian National Congress don’t seem merely coincidental. Seems like the BJP found it really hard to digest a defeat in Bihar and this back door entry looks like a plan that was undergoing for months.

So they have adopted the strategy of “either form the government or script the fall of the other government.” Bihar isn’t the first state they have shown this approach too. Manipur, Goa, and a few others too saw the same.

All of these incidents of creating a downfall of stability in state governments and then take the helm are slaps on the face of the India democracy while the BJP masquerades to be the face of the largest democracy of the world.

While there were lynching incidents, communal violence and Kashmir to take care of BJP invested all its might in uprooting the grand alliance in Bihar and such an approach is surely harmful to the nation and its citizens.

On one hand, you have Kashmir burning, on the other hand, there’s an atmosphere of lynching and vigilantism and then these scratches on the face of democracy.

Where are we heading to? 

What are we making out of this nation?

Such oppression for secularism and the democratic principles of the Constitution is indeed a dark hour for the nation and then you cannot just try to cover every fallacy by the nationalism jibe isn’t palatable.

Nitish Kumar left the alliance because of the corruption charges against Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family and he joins hand with the NDA where Uma Bharti, Lk Advani are facing trial for Babri Masjid demolition and even the spearhead Amit Shah has a heavy bulk of charges and a number of MLA’s across the nation are facing charges in communal cases and cases of violence!

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