Election 2017, Political


As the election commission laid down the much-awaited date for the giant political battle in Punjab the air in Punjab have become warm despite the cold wave. Punjab is to vote for its next chief minister on February 4, 2016.  The date has been sealed, the distribution of tickets has commenced but deflections are still on. Politicians in Punjab or the political aspirants as we should call them still struggle to decide as to which party suits their aspirations the best. “No colour in politics is permanent” and the election atmosphere in Punjab is profoundly reminiscent and evident of it.

It’s a tough battle between the incumbent government and the INC and AAP and speculations would make no sense. It’s a fierce tug of war between the three and hence the fluctuations and deflections have been so frequent. It’s all about convenience in politics. The latest example of this fluctuating political allegiance is Navjot Singh Sidhu. His abdication of his Rajya Sabha seat left the political sphere of Punjab in all sorts of speculations and rumours. From being an ex BJP member to someone expected to join AAP ahead of Punjab Polls Navjot Singh Sidhu ended up joining the Indian National Congress. Not to forget the little stint of the ‘Awaaz E Punjab’ party that perished in no time!

Navjot Singh Sidhu is just one example of the prolific deflections that have happened in the Punjab political circles. He, however, is being valued as a trump card ever since he gave up his Rajya Sabha seat. This trump card finally fell in the INC basket! What difference this trump card makes to INC’s and Captain Amrinder Singh’s chances would only be known after results.

It’s funny that the instances of Sidhu taking on the Indian National Congress in his speeches are still quite recent. “Rahul Gandhi should go back to school and learn” and similar statements are what he delivered with a roar when he campaigned for BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. Now all of sudden Sidhu believes that “his existence is that of a congressman”.

Politics is a funny game and allegiances are only for convenience. The SAD leaders have mocked Sidhu’s move and so has the AAP but given his popularity and goodwill he might just get the INC ‘over the line’. Navjot Singh Sidhu is contesting from Amritsar East. He has ducked to all the bouncers thrown at him by the media where he was asked, “if he is aspiring for the Deputy Chief Minister’s seat”. He has batted nicely to defend himself from being controversial. If INC wins Navjot Singh Sidhu’s role in the new government would be worth the wait.