OPERATION KAHUTA: RAW had Pakistan held by its neck but Morarji Desai blundered!

Operation Kahuta

Keeping political interests and stature well before the nation’s welfare isn’t a new concept. It has always been there ever since we claimed Independence. Operation Kahuta or rather Operation Kahuta’s failure is another testament of politicians failing the nation.

This operation is a story of RAW’s excellence and the Morarji Desai’s absurdness.

RAW after its establishment in 1968 made observance of Pakistan’s action as one of its prime objectives followed by keeping China in check for both of these saw India as a common enemy.

Secret operations of RAW hence were large scaled and frequent in these two nations. India’s Pokhran test of 1974 was a narrative to the world that we have now made it to the elite nuclear club but for Pakistan it was only a matter of a flabbergasting insecurity and envy.

Desperate to come at par with India in terms of nuclear strength Pakistan started to seek any help available to emerge as a nuclear nation and France came to its rescue. Pakistan always ignored the fact that if they were anything to go by the definition of smart then India any day was smarter.

RAW sensed that Pakistan was cooking something big and secret operations of RAW then were all focused on Pakistan.


The Khan Research Library at Kahuta, a small town of Pakistan is something everyone was unaware of French help being extended to Pakistan is something the world knew but Pakistan was finding ways to enrich uranium at Kahuta is something no one knew for Pakistan kept if really stealthy. But then RAW is RAW and RAW figured it out.


RAW has a long list of stunning operations but operation Kahuta was the largest success amongst all the secret operations of RAW.

Operation Kahuta

Operation Kahuta is sheer brilliance by RAW and one of the most stunning secret operations of RAW ever. Concerned by Pakistan’s intentions and reprimanded by the United States France withdrew support from Pakistan. Pakistan now put all of its resources and manpower in developing Kahuta as a nuclear weaponry hub.

RAW had made a good network in Pakistan by this time. RAW found out the presence of plutonium in the hair samples they stole from a barber shop in Kahuta where nuclear scientists came for a haircut!

SHEER BRILLIANCE! Who says we are any less than CIA? RAW in not much time had substantive evidence of Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Israel too became insecure by Pakistan’s intent and growing scale of Nuclear power but even Mossad couldn’t achieve what we did! So now RAW was partners with MOSSAD after corroboration of all the evidences. Pakistan was indeed making nuclear weapons and we were all set to tell them who the daddy is! So this is what operation Kahuta was about.


Operation Kahuta was in its last leg. RAW had won the confidence of MOSSAD and CIA and Pakistan was caught red handed! Mossad was all set to air strike the Khan Research Lab but then what could have meant a narrative of India’s excellence and deterrence became a story of India’s foolishness.

Morarji Desai the then Prime Minister acted stupid and desperate of saving his seat like politicians do. He over the phone line told Pakistan’s General Zia Ul Haq and he told him that India knows of Pakistan’s secret plan! Imagine that! How could he? We had Pakistan by its neck but he rather strangulated India here. As a consequence of his act of

Imagine that! How could he? We had Pakistan by its neck but he rather strangulated India here. As a consequence of his act of absurdness Pakistan busted the RAW’s network and killed each agent brutally and mercilessly. Had operation Kahuta been successful Pakistan would have never dared a Kargil or a 26/11 but we cannot get over with getting angry over Morarji Desai!

He made a mockery of the Indian intelligence that had worked so hard and was this close to scripting history! All of them died because of Morarji Desai and now since then we have never been able to get any close to Pakistan’s nuclear programs.

You aren’t Indian enough if you are not brimming with anger after reading this. How long would politicians let our soldiers and intelligence die cheaply to suit their political interests?