Political Debate—Blaming! Shouting! Cursing!

Whenever I watch spokespersons from different political parties fighting and debating on some TV news channel, I wonder whether I should have invested my time more wisely. After a gruelling 1 hour of statements, questions, and accusations, I can’t think of anything except how juvenile those discussions sound. The debate which should result in something substantial, something progressive, boils down to shouting and name-calling.
Why does this happen? Why political parties resort to such antics? Why do debates in our democracy result in a ‘who can out-shout the other’ competition?
The more I watch these debates, the closer I come to a conclusion that our politicians use this shouting, name-calling, and blurting ad-hominems to hide their own incompetence. For example, if someone from the opposition questions the execution of demonetization, the response comes in form of ‘who are you to ask us this? Don’t forget all the scams you have done when in power’. A classic tu quoque response. The politicians use this response and blame others so they don’t get questioned. So, that people’s attention would shift from the present issues to the ones in the past.
But how can today’s failures be justified by past blunders? Would it be okay, if, in present, a scam is caught which is smaller than what has happened in the past? Is it justifiable to do wrong when something worse had happened earlier?

We need to understand that we cannot make progress this way. Because when we are busy staring at the past blunders, we have our back turned against the future.

Don’t you think our politicians owe us proper answers for their actions? Why do we get distracted by the “blame game” which is being played by all our political parties? It’s high time we realise that calling someone ‘Pappu’ or criticising someone because he addressed a concert will not do any good for our country.


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