Has Punjab Lost All Of Its Charm To Drugs?

Punjab Drugs Problem

The trailers of Udta Punjab movie right from their advent sparked a controversy. Much melodrama surfaced on the Punjab drugs problem. The Censor Board of India, the filmmakers and the people of the state all became part of this round robin of defamation, blame game, and much drama.

Udta Punjab was rather perceived as a blot on the prosperous image of Punjab. This movie hence turned out to be much more than just a movie since it claimed to reflect the reality of Punjab. This movie was confronted not only by the censor board but also by certain campaigns and advertisements which poached such elements of defaming Punjab. This brings us to a very imperative question.

Is Punjab all about what Udta Punjab reflects or tries to highlight?

Has Punjab lost all of its charms to drugs and “narco-politics” as shown in the movie?

Yes, we realize that Punjab to an extent that might very with perception is affected by the drug drama. If we talk about the border areas especially then yes, the youth in Punjab has fallen a scapegoat to the drug trade and are badly addicted. Alcohol too is a common sight in Punjab.

Still is that all Punjab should be known for?

Are the clouds of these drug menace so dark that they have overshadowed the generosity of Punjab, the green fields, the fascinating culture, valiant men serving the armed forces with pride, prosperity in education, prosperity in sports and much more?

It’s not about what the movie wanted to convey, it is more about how people perceived it. They perhaps perceived what they were shown in an exaggerated manner and hence Punjab has now become a metaphor to drug menace. A state known for a brave history is now struggling for its repute in the present and future.

This is one question all of us need to ask ourselves and the question is if Punjab is about nothing more than drugs?

Surely the answer would be negative. Punjab is still a prosperous state, still, a state that inspires others, still a state with a grand heart. Certain people who have sold their conscience to buy drugs do not represent the entire state of Punjab. Punjab is still and would always be a state to look forward to. Punjab would always be known for much more than being caught in the drug menace.

However, to exaggerate it to an extent where Punjab drugs problem seems not much legitimate. Punjab still has youngsters with potentials known worldwide. We still have valiant youngsters serving the armed forces with a superior sense of patriotism and national duty. We are still a state where Bhagat Singh is a larger inspiration than any other drug.

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