Senior Akali Dal leader booked for rape: goes absconding

Senior Akali leader, Sucha Singh Langah continues to abscond as he is wanted in a rape case. The Akali man has been eluding the police for the third consecutive day since and FIR was registered against him in Gurdaspur.

The by polls in Gurdaspur are round the corner. The by polls will be conducted to fill the Gurdaspur MP’s vacancy after the sad and unfortunate demise of the Bollywood veteran Vinod Khanna. These rape accusations on a senior Akali leader ahead of the by polls is a major set back to the hopes of Akali BJP candidate Sarwan Salaria as this incident has foiled the repute of the Akali Dal badly.

Standing against Sarwan Salaria is Punjab Congress President and senior leader Sunil Jakhar who has lashed out on the Akali Dal for being mute about the entire issue and defending Sucha Singh Langah for a heinous crime as rape. Sucha Singh Langah is a former minister of the SAD BJP government in Punjab.

SGPC  says offence unpardonable 

The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee too has said the nature of crime committed by Sucha Singh Langah is unpardonable. The SGPC also said that the timing of the registration of FIR against the Akali leader might also be an indication of graft and a calculative manipulation.

If innocent why absconding?

If the Akali Dal leader is innocent what is he afraid of? Why is he then absconding like a criminal then? If the Akali Dal leader is indeed innocent why doesn’t he surrender to the police and let law take its course? The way he’s absconding and dodging the police he is only making things tougher for himself and if he actually is a rape convict then he surely must be shown the strongest arm of law.

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